Stephens College volleyball team uses dodgeball to boost energy

The activity resulted in a more energized team but did not result in a win on Thursday. The Stars lost in five sets to Missouri Valley College.

Water main break temporarily disrupts services at MU Student Center

During set up for an MU Homecoming event, the water main was struck and spilled onto the sidewalks outside the MU Student Center. The student center was closed for 30 minutes as MU staff came to control the spill.

Free presentation of 'Wretches and Jabberers' raises awareness of autism

Services for Independent Living presented "Wretches and Jabberers" for free Tuesday at Ragtag Cinema.  The movie presentation is one of several events the organization is putting on to recognize National Disability Awareness Month

Mizzou's Black Homecoming tradition still stands

The year was 1968, and that April, on the second floor balcony of Memphis’ Lorraine Motel, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. As the nation grieved, a group of students at MU decided to organize, and the Legion of Black Collegians was formed. A few years later, it held its very first Black Homecoming celebration.

Mizzou Homecoming making headlines

GameDay, GameDay, GameDay. ESPN’s college football program seemed to be the only thing MU fans talked about last year, including the Columbia Missourian, which mentioned “GameDay” on the front page for three consecutive days leading up to the game and once more on Sunday.


A conversation with Big MO's handlers

When MU’s new and improved Big MO drum is revealed on Nov. 12, the sound of the celebratory touchdown canon blast will pale in comparison to the 9 by 4 1/2-foot bass drum. The drum’s dimensions make it one of the biggest in the world. It is a growth spurt that arose out of necessity. As the original Big MO approached its 40th birthday, it was beginning to show some signs of wear and tear.

Generations keep tailgating legacies alive

Meagan Roth and Jack Watson are getting married on Homecoming weekend next year, and their friend Kevin Clark is upset. “We tell people not to get married on football weekends,” he says. Roth and Watson defend their scheduled nuptials, which will take place during a Friday ceremony in St. Louis, saying Clark can easily make it back in time to cheer on the Tigers.

Tiger Threads: MU Homecoming history in fashion

Although Tiger spirit has been a constant at MU since the first football team was fielded in 1890, Homecoming fashions have come and gone. Two historic costume collection curators offered their expertise to break down Homecoming attire during the 20th century.

The Golden Girls finally get a place of their own

The sparkle of the Golden Girls has become what fans expect every game day. For the dance team that holds such a presence on the MU sidelines with their legendary gold uniforms, white boots and perfected dances, the facility just south of the stadium is the first place they can call home.

Tigers, non-Tigers gather to share Homecoming spirit

Homecoming is not just a celebration for MU students and alumni. Families, faculty and Columbia residents can join in to enjoy the parade, football game, tailgating and more.

Marching Mizzou drum major pumps up for the centennial

With Homecoming finally here, Marching Mizzou’s assistant drum major Andrew Monnig must put his organizational skills to the test.

After 100 years, Tiger fans still homeward bound

Homecoming at MU has seen many changes since Chester Brewer first invited alumni to "come home" for a game in 1911, but the spirit behind the event has remained the same.


Chester Brewer's symbolic return as grand marshal

The founding father of homecoming returns in spirit to lead the Tigers once again.  Former MU athletic director and all-around sportsman, passed away in 1953, and 15 members of his extended family will represent him during the annual celebration.

Columbia College volleyball team wins at Missouri State-West Plains

The Cougars, ranked No. 3, in the NAIA, improved to 18-2.

Hickman volleyball team loses at Jefferson City

Kendahl Adams, who was called up from the junior varsity team for the game, recorded seven kills and four digs.

Gallery: Tiger fans and game day

Here in Columbia, we all know how crazy it can be on game days, not to mention on Homecoming weekend. The backed-up traffic, the sea of gold in the stadium and the cheers from a pumped-up crowd are just part of what gives Homecoming its appeal. See our photo gallery of MU fans at their best.


Gallery: Homecoming parades

Nothing says Tiger pride like a parade. It's the perfect excuse for slowing down traffic, throwing (or catching) candy and cheering on your favorite team. Visit our photo gallery to see how the tradition has changed over the years.


Gallery: Homecoming Greek life

MU's Greek life has a strong tradition of supporting Homecoming, from pomping, to performing, to giving blood. Visit our photo gallery to see the ways Greektown has dressed itself up for the occasion.

Gallery: Strange and Inappropriate

CoMo's seen all kinds of strange characters pass through over the years, and the MU Homecoming fans have to be at the top of the list. Lawn mowers on safari, a species-confused sheep and a pantsless parader have all stunned the crowds at one point or another in the history of the Homecoming parade.


Gallery: Homecoming Programs

See a collection of Homecoming programs from the past decades.