PHOTO GALLERY: House decorations and rally kick off MU Homecoming weekend

Austin Stewart, 7, shows off his "tiger shades" to his mom, Shelia Stewart, during the exhibition of campus decorations on Friday in Greek Town.

MU's Homecoming weekend festivities began Friday evening in Greektown.

DEAR READER: This is an exact quote. Kinda.

The use of colloquialisms depends on context. Sometimes, informal words are necessary to remain true to the essence of the story.

UPDATE: City Manager recommends against sale of dog to fired police officer

Citing the dog's training for aggression — and the fact that he once bit an officer — City Manager Mike Matthes said Fano should not be sold to Rob and Amy Sanders.

From college to community: Some come to Columbia for school and never leave

About 19,000 people who live in Boone County call MU their alma mater. They came for school and never left. Something about the community felt right and made them want to put down roots. “There’s a saying that a place can be a house, never a home," alumnus Richard Germinder says. "Columbia always felt like home.”

Crowds flock to MU's Greektown for elaborate house decorations

Tiger fans enjoy the detailed house decorations and comedic skits in MU's Greektown. The fraternities and sororities have been preparing for this event since April.

Hickman loses in first game of district competition

High school teammates reunite in Saturday night's MU volleyball match

Sarah Meister and Sam Podraza grew up together in California, but decided to go separate ways when it came to choosing colleges.

Occupy COMO still working to establish organization, focus

As Occupy Together movements gain traction across the country, Occupy COMO continues striving for group organization. The group plans to adopt the same structure as that employed by the original Occupy Wall Street movement.

Reapportionment: A look at each trial

Here is a summary of the ongoing debate on how to redraw the ward boundaries, based on the results of previous reporting, meetings and hearings.

MU College of Agriculture announces partnership with food bank

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources will help the local charity find better ways to obtain and distribute healthier foods for the people it serves.

Columbia City Council to cast final vote on ward reapportionment Monday

Council members expect a long meeting, as they have not reached a consensus on the best way to redraw the city's voting districts for the next 10 years. 

Rock Bridge football defeats Liberty

The Bruins must win one of two remaining games in order to advance to sectionals.

Where do you HAVE to visit when you come to Columbia?

As the festivities for MU's 100th Homecoming continue, we asked students, visiting alumni and their families what spots in Columbia they have to visit when they are in town.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meeting with the Attorney General's Office resolved issues about a sexual assault case

After a meeting with the attorney general's office, an advocate for sexual assault awareness is reassured by officials' perceived passion and dedication to protecting children.

Ragtag Cinema hopes "skedaddle" will raise money for equipment

Ragtag Cinema will be hosting a scavenger hunt this weekend throughout The District to raise money for a new digital projection system.

New trail opens at Finger Lakes State Park

Kelley Branch Mountain Bike Trail offers an exclusive retreat for hikers and bikers. The trail was built in part by the State Park Youth Corps and provides nearly 3 miles of trail through the forest along Kelley Branch stream.

MU alumni flock to Homecoming Headquarters to start Homecoming weekend

Reynolds Alumni Center transformed into Homecoming Headquarters on Friday afternoon as alumni met up and prepared for the weekend's festivities.

Five north Columbia burglaries could be work of 3 suspects

Items taken from three of the burglarized residences are collectively valued at several thousand dollars.

WOODRIDGE: Neighborhood Association to hold special meeting to discuss land development

A Kentucky-based development group has proposed building a 60-acre apartment complex on part of an urban forest area in the neighborhood.

EAST CAMPUS: Local couple takes trip to look for snakes

Rachel and Wayne Brekhus travel around the country looking for different species. It's an exciting and sometimes risky couple for the married pair.