48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Oklahoma State fans pack stands, stick around to celebrate

Visiting fans enjoyed the Cowboys' thorough victory and made sure to stay to the end of the game to let their team know.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Tailgating more about atmosphere than game

Tailgating is a party for some, but for others it's also a chance to catch up with old friends and enjoy the atmosphere of a Missouri football game.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Fans make the trip back to car after loss to Oklahoma State

One large group of people makes its way down Stadium after Missouri's loss to Oklahoma State.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Football Saturday proves to be good time for ice cream

Win or lose for Missouri, fans still find their way to Sparky's for some post-game ice cream treats.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Band Bunch spends Friday night pumping up Columbia for the game

The group travels around downtown Columbia, invading clubs and bars to energize the patrons with music and excitement.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Strong smells raise concession stand sales

Rock Bridge volunteers keep the concession stand running smoothly, even when things get a little hectic.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Tiger Tailgate Recycling makes game day recycling easy

Parking lots are full of tailgaters on Missouri football game days. When the tailgaters and fans leave,  Tiger Tailgate Recycling helps bag up the recyclables.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Hearnes Center parking lot transforms into RV land

Fans camp out in the Hearnes Center parking lot, enjoying the view and awaiting Saturday's game.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Youth football teaches more than the scoreboard reads

Volunteers keep the league running and try to teach the players that sportsmanship is more important than winning the game.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Tiger fans unfazed while passing downtown vigil

One group has been gathering on Saturdays in Columbia for years, but they aren't interested in football games. If fans pass the group as they stand outside the post office they'll hear about the Mid-Missouri Fellowship of Reconciliation's hope to end war and violence.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Fans raid Tiger Team Store for black and gold gear

A quick snapshot at the Tiger Team Store offers a perfect memento for a Saturday morning near Memorial Stadium.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Five high school football referees prepare for Friday's game

Before Friday's Rock Bridge football game, the referees reminisce about their officiating experiences.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Truman the Tiger outshines MU cheerleaders on game day

Truman the Tiger is treated like a rock star at every tailgate he stops at on game day.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Shakespeare's Pizza reaches capacity on football Saturdays

Seven-hundred pounds of dough, 400 pounds of pepperonis and 300 pounds of shredded cheese are prepared at Shakespeare's Pizza for game day.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: What it takes to be a baton twirler

Baton twirler Cayla Troyer exhibits confidence when she twirls at the Missouri football halftime show.

48 HOURS OF FOOTBALL: Greektown on game day

Greeks and their parents get to the game late and leave early.

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