Gabbert making slow progress with Jaguars

Former Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert ranks last in QB rating among the 33 players who have attempted enough passes to be considered. It's far from what the Jaguars expected when they selected him with the 10th overall pick in the NFL draft.

Growing number of unemployed no longer receive benefits

The number of people receiving unemployment checks is decreasing, not because people are finding jobs, but because their unemployment benefits are expiring. Congress will decide whether to extend the timetable by the end of this year.

Andy Rooney, wry '60 Minutes' commentator, dies

Commentator Andy Rooney died from post-surgery complications just one month after he retired from CBS.

College professors host classes during Occupy Seattle

The professors hold free lectures and classes to teach protesters the best way to convey their message, as well as teach about past labor movements.

Baylor defeats Missouri 42-39

The Tigers scored 25 points in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the 14-point hole that they faced at the start of the quarter.

Halftime: Missouri 14, Baylor 13

Missouri scored first midway through the first quarter, driving 62 yards on 10 plays.