MU Chancellor Deaton celebrates Missouri's 'historic' move to SEC

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive and MU Chancellor Brady Deaton celebrate Sunday evening at the MU Student Center after the formal announcement that Missouri will join the SEC effective July 1, 2012.

Missouri’s part in the ongoing conference realignment musical chairs ended in a combination between pep rally and press conference at the MU Student Center.

THE WEEK IN MISSOURI FOOTBALL: #MIZSEC, but bowl future unclear

Amid celebration and doubts about Missouri's decision to move to the SEC, questions remain about the football team's future this season. A 42-39 loss to Baylor (5-3) on Saturday continued the Missouri (4-5) pattern of win one, lose one.

At Student Center, cheers of 'MIZ-ZOU' for Missouri's move to SEC

At an MU Student Center celebration, families and friends seemed excited about Missouri's move and hope for a bright future in the SEC.

PHOTO GALLERY: Officials, fans celebrate Missouri's move to SEC

Missouri found a new home for its athletics as university and conference leaders celebrated the deal to join the Southeastern Conference, leaving the Big 12 behind.

Twitter coverage: Missouri's SEC celebration, news conference

Missourian reporters provided live coverage on Twitter of MU Chancellor Brady Deaton's news conference and celebration to announce Missouri's move to the SEC.

GUIDE: Coverage, commentary about Missouri's move to the SEC

National and local news coverage examines the implications of Missouri's move to the Southeastern Conference.

Missouri, Kansas, Big 12 fans react to Tigers' SEC move

Missouri, Kansas and Big 12 fans react on Twitter and Facebook to the news that the Tigers will be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC.

Columbia residents speak out about Missouri joining SEC

Students said they think the move to the SEC will be good for Missouri sports but worry about being "a small fish in a big pond."

Kansas laments end to conference rivalry with Missouri

Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little says she's sorry to see the university's century-old rivalry with Missouri end.

MAP: Distance from Columbia to SEC, Big 12 schools

When Missouri starts competing in the SEC, travel time to away games will increasefor Tiger athletes, the Marching Mizzou band and fans. This graph compares the mileage to 2011-12 season Big 12 schools to the 2012-13 season SEC teams that Missouri will play.

GRAPHIC: How SEC football, basketball teams compare to Big 12 schools

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton has announced that Missouri will join the Southeastern Conference for the 2012-13 school year. Here is a breakdown of how Big 12 and SEC football and basketball programs stack up on the playing field and in the classroom.

MAP: The Big 12, SEC and TV markets

One of the goals of conference expansion is to reach new TV audiences. Here’s how the SEC and Big 12 match up in terms of TV market sizes. With Missouri's move to the SEC, it will be exposed to much larger audiences.

PHOTO GALLERY: A look back at Missouri in the Big 12

As Missouri joins the Southeastern Conference, here is a look back at the Tigers in the Big 12.

THE WEEK IN PHOTOS: Baylor fans, Regency Trailer Park and Joplin disaster relief

Images of Fox's Jim Knox and green Baylor fans, Regency Trailer Park residents preparing to move out and $100,000 in disaster relief for Joplin from the One State, One Spirit Classic were among the Missourian's best photos last week.

Electrical short temporarily closes some police lines

Smoke from a surge protector in the operations room at the Columbia police headquarters reduced phone capacity from six lines to two Sunday night.

Missouri lawmakers, residents discuss future of unaccredited schools

After meeting with residents across the state, Missouri lawmakers weigh possible solutions for the three unaccredited school districts.

Stewart edges Edwards in Sprint Cup race in Texas

Carl Edwards' lead over Tony Stewart in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship shrank from eight to three points.

REACTIONS: Twitter followers adjust to the end of daylight saving time

Missouri to join SEC after months of conference-realignment drama

Missouri will join the conference effective July 1, 2012, and will compete in the SEC for the 2012-13 academic year.

Missouri to join SEC

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton and Athletics Director Mike Alden will lead a news conference and celebration to announce Missouri's entry into the SEC at 4:30 p.m. Sunday at the MU Student Center.