Missouri football coach Pinkel apologizes for DWI arrest

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel talks to the press Monday at his lawyer's office after his drunken-driving arrest and guilty plea.

Speaking to media at the law office of Holder-Susan-Slusher-Oxenhandler on Monday afternoon, Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel called his DWI arrest last week “one of the most devastating things” that had ever happened to him. In his attempt to be a positive role model, Pinkel said he failed miserably.

Missouri men's basketball team speeds past Notre Dame

The No. 21 Tigers beat Notre Dame 87-58 on Monday night in the CBE Classic semifinals at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

Basketball fans support both Missouri and Notre Dame

Some fans had a hard time choosing which team to cheer for in Monday's rare matchup between the Missouri and Notre Dame men's basketball teams at the CBE Classic in Kansas City.

Missouri football team prepares for rivalry game against Kansas

Missouri will play Kansas for the 120th time in football this Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Greenhouse gases soar; no signs warming is slowed

New figures from a U.N. agency show that greenhouse gases reached record levels last year and are increasing at a fast rate.

Super failure: Congress' deficit-cutting panel gives up

Disagreements between both parties prevented any progress during the supercommittee talks and Congress decided that the differences were too significant to overcome.

Fired officer's supporters call for Columbia police chief to resign

Supporters of a fired officer say Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton's decisions have been inconsistent, but Burton dismissed the claims as a "desperation move."

Jewish emissaries settle in Columbia

Avremi and Channy Lapine are moving to Columbia from Brooklyn, and they are bringing their faith with them. The couple will open up their home as a Chabad-Lubavitch house for the community. Chabad-Lubavitch is a sect of Orthodox Judaism.

Columbia must fix sewer systems over next 15 years

Columbia officials estimate it will cost $56.9 million to repair city sewer systems in order to stop leakages of raw sewage that have occurred in recent years. The city was found to be in violation of the Missouri Clean Water Law due to these sewage overflows. 

UPDATE: Rock Bridge High School, Columbia Area Career Center on lockdown after shots fired report

No injuries were reported and no arrests have been made since the shots were fired.

Occupy COMO remains in place, despite threat to remove group

City officials warned demonstrators to remove a tent outside City Hall. Protestors said the tent is to convey their message rather than a place to sleep.


Carl Edwards shows class, dignity in losing NASCAR title

Carl Edwards' conduct in the hours after losing the Sprint Cup championship on Sunday showed just how one should act — with class and sportsmanship — in the face of defeat.

GENE ROBERTSON: Time well spent as a soldier for Occupy COMO

Gene Robertson talks about time spent as an activist abroad and how it feels to stand with the members of Occupy COMO.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The Fed’s easy-money, low-interest rate policy simply benefits the rich

Low interest rates and management by big banks have not helped the majority of working Americans.

ANALYSIS: End to debt gridlock is not in sight

The federal debt hit $15 trillion last week, but no group or leader including the supercommittee has suggested a reasonable solution to the conflict of interest between Republicans and Democrats.

Where's the salt? Hidden in your Thanksgiving menu

The nation's new dietary guidelines say no one should consume more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day, but Thanksgiving dinner alone can pass 2,000 milligrams, experts say.

What next? Lawmakers look to undo backup plan

After the deficit-cutting supercommittee failed to obtain its objective, the backup plan is expected to take over with across-the-board reductions — but not immediately. Lawmakers against the scheduled reductions are working to undo the automatic cuts, especially to the military.

Owner of Columbia hair salon caters to cancer patients

Susan Haines, owner of The Captain's Quarters salon on Tenth Street, helps customers who lose their hair to chemotherapy by supplying and cleaning wigs.

ROSE NOLEN: Believing what you hear is often baffling

Before you believe in what you’re hearing, find out the truth. Go through the news and find out what other people are saying on the subject. Don’t be sold until you’ve heard the final word.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pinkel is part of the 1 percent problem

Did Gary Pinkel's position as an affluent football coach at a major college program help get him out of additional legal trouble?