TIGER KICKOFF: Missouri vs. Kansas might be going away, maybe that's good

What has the Tigers-Jayhawks football game been all about, the unbridled excitement of the competition, or a bona fide bitterness for one another?

PHOTO GALLERY: Volunteers help with Everybody Eats! dinner

Volunteers help to prepare and serve the annual Everybody Eats! dinner organized by former City Council member Almeta Crayton. This year the Thanksgiving meal was served at Stamper Commons at Stephens College.

TIGER KICKOFF: Missouri football players say numbers don't matter against Kansas

The Tigers insist they’re paying no attention to the disarray that is Kansas football. This is the Border Showdown. Throw the records out, they say.

Undaunted, Occupy COMO returns to city plaza

Even though city workers removed a tent and sleeping bags earlier in the week, Occupy COMO members returned to continue their protest against financial inequities.  Volunteers supplied Thanksgiving dinners for the protesters.

Family given house by Habitat for Humanity after Joplin tornado

The Short family lost its home in the Joplin tornado. Habitat for Humanity built a new one for the Shorts and nine other families in time for Thanksgiving. 

THANKSGIVING IN JOPLIN: Two churches rebuild after May 22 tornado

The congregations of two Joplin churches rebuild and reflect on what they are thankful for: their faith, their families and each other.

TIGER KICKOFF: Fast facts about this week's opponent, Kansas

Depending on which team you ask, the Missouri-Kansas series stands at either 56-54-9 or 55-55-9, but Missouri could end the debate with a win Saturday in what could be the end of the rivalry.

ANALYSIS: Gun issue represents tough politics for Obama

Democrats knows that embracing gun control could be terrible for their political future. President Barack Obama is silent on the gun issue. 

Jefferson City mom elated after son released in Egypt

Joy Sweeney said the consul general confirmed around 6 a.m. Thursday that her son, Derrik Sweeney will be released. Sweeney said, "I can't wait to give him a huge hug and tell him how much I love him."

TIGER KICKOFF: Big 12 games on TV this weekend

Planning a Saturday full of watching football? Here's a schedule of the Big 12 games and where you can find them on the tube.

TIGER KICKOFF: Missouri's new SEC mates play nonconference rivalry games all the time

With threats from Lawrence, Kansas, suggesting this weekend's Border Showdown could be the last meeting between Missouri and Kansas for some time, we took a look at the Tigers' new conference. It would seem that out-of-conference rivalry games are just another SEC tradition.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Missouri-Kansas rivalry through the years

The Missouri vs. Kansas rivalry might be ending after this year as Missouri moves to the SEC. The teams have played 120 times.

Everybody Eats! serves Thanksgiving dinner to 350, fills food bags for 450

Everybody Eats! sponsored by former City Council member Almeta Crayton served 350 people on Thanksgiving Day. The program also delivered about 450 food baskets on Wednesday.

Occupy movements nationwide celebrate holiday

The movement was triggered by the high rate of unemployment and foreclosures, as well as the growing perception that big banks and corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes.

USO airport volunteers welcome troops on holiday

The clapping volunteers and other amenities started in 2003 when the USO began its "Operation R&R" program, which serves U.S. military personnel going to and from Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Nearly 40,000 are returning home over the next several weeks.

Study: Humans were catching tuna 42,000 years ago

Fish appeared in the human diet about 1.9 million years ago. Using dating techniques, scientists determined the age of deep-water fishing to be 42,000 years.