The District’s Holiday Shop Hop welcomes holiday season

The District will hold the event Friday night. Some of the participating businesses include Allen’s Flowers, Inc., American Shoe, Bluestem Missouri Crafts, The Candy Factory, Elly's Couture and Poppy Arts Fine Craft Gallery.

Smiles for CURED fundraiser to raise awareness about eosinophilic disorders

Columbia couple, Renee Martin-Kratzer and Brian Kratzer, are holding a photo-shoot fundraiser on Nov. 5, 6 and 13 to raise money for eosinophilic disorder research.

Rock Bridge cross country teams eyeing state titles

The Bruins boys and girls cross country teams are preparing for the state meet on Saturday in Jefferson City. Both teams are ranked first in the state and feature several strong individual runners.

Passion, hard work build legacy of family-owned Missouri beef business

Mark Mahnken's grandfather started cattle farming more than a hundred years ago. Mahnken carries that past on with his business, Missouri Legacy Beef.

Legislators introduce Iraq, Afghanistan burn-pit registry for vets

The legislation would monitor the health of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who were routinely exposed to burn pits used to dispose of trash and human waste. Veterans have reported respiratory problems, but researchers said there are no known long-term adverse health effects.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: College costs crush the best and brightest

Many American students find themselves stuck between the dream of earning a college degree and the reality of paying for that education. Rising tuition costs and reduced government support of higher education have forced many students to turn to student loans. The biggest problem is paying for those loans. 

1 in 15 people make up the poorest poor in US

Neighborhoods with poverty rates of at least 40 percent are stretching over larger areas, and poverty is increasing in suburbs two times faster than in cities.

Number of suspected E. coli cases in St. Louis area rises

The number of suspected E. coli cases in the St. Louis area is now 51, and 26 of the cases have been confirmed. 

Missouri pays $15 million for disaster response; costs might rise

The state hasn't yet received a bill from FEMA and could have to cover part of the cost of rebuilding Joplin schools.

Three Hickman runners prepare for state meet

Although the entire Kewpies cross country team did not make it to this weekend's state meet, three individual runners were able to qualify.

GM announces production of pickup trucks at Wentzville plant

The addition of pickup trucks to the Wentzville plant line of products will add more than 1,200 new jobs.

UPDATE: Grants help Joplin library overcome damages, losses from tornado

While the Joplin Public Library escaped damage from the devastating tornado that hit the city, it has felt the storm's impact in another way. The library lost thousands of books and DVDs that had been borrowed by library patrons and were destroyed or damaged in the storm.  

Chevy celebrates 100 years of innovation, evolution

For one hundred years, the Chevrolet Motor Co. has enjoyed a prominent place in American popular culture. Following a government bailout in 2008, the company now seeks to re-establish itself as a global brand.  

State Rep. proposes election reforms, voter photo ID requirement

Missouri House speaker pro tem Shane Schoeller outlined proposals Thursday to create new state commissions concerning ballot measures and legislative redistricting and to require photo identification to vote.

Joplin library lost hundreds of books, DVDs in tornado

Though the library was not hit by the storm, it lost between 1,200 and 1,500 items that had been checked out. The materials were valued at about $30,000.

U.S. report blasts China, Russia for cyber-attacks

The report will discuss how the Chinese and Russians have been using cyber-attacks to gather information about high-tech American research and development data to boost their own economic development.

PHOTO GALLERY: Chevy celebrates 100th anniversary on Thursday

Chevy, which lays claim to being the top-selling auto brand of all time, celebrates its 100th birthday on Thursday. "The American car from the mid-1930s to the end of the '60s was a Chevrolet," said John Heitmann, an automotive history professor at the University of Dayton.

Missouri high court mulls if felon can stay in office

 Herschel Young, who pleaded guilty in 1995 to assault after hitting someone who spat on his wife, was elected in 2010 as presiding commissioner in Cass County. However, a state law that took effect in 2007 makes felons ineligible to be candidates for public office.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Drowning in debt, college graduates need a life jacket

College graduates are ready to work, but they are consistently stymied by the significant loan debt they have accumulated. Congress is ignoring the issue, while President Obama is looking for solutions.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Share the Harvest shows hunters' generosity

In the Share the Harvest program, hunters and meat processors donate venison to food banks to be distributed to needy Missouri families. About 6,100 deer were processed through the program during the 2010 hunting season, adding up to more than 350,000 pounds of meat.