Judicial panel draws new maps for Missouri Senate

A special judicial panel revised its original plans for the redistricting of the Missouri Senate on Friday.  The plan was revised because of concerns multiple counties were cut by Senate districts. 

Judicial panel draws new maps for Missouri Senate

Maps for the state's House and Senate districts are being redrawn to account for the state's population shifts in the 2010 census. Earlier versions of the boundaries for the Senate map raised concerns splitting up some counties.

Pujols leaving, but foundation will stay

Albert Pujols' foundation will stay active in St. Louis, though it could expand to include programs in Los Angeles, home of the ballplayer's new team.

Drought taking financial toll on Missouri agriculture

A drought across parts of Missouri this year could prove costly for farmers.



MU researchers discover protein to help plants fight diseases

If added to plants, the protein also has the potential to extend planting cycles and ultimately produce more food.