Mississippi River town of Pinhook struggles to reclaim its community after levee break

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blew the Birds Point levee last spring, state officials fretted over the potential loss of 130,000 acres of prime farmland. The crops came back, almost immediately. A village, which had survived for generations in the lee of the Mississippi, didn't. 

Missouri men's basketball team overcomes adversity in win over Illinois

The Missouri men's basketball faced adversity during a game for the first time this season, but the Tigers pulled out a win to stay undefeated.

TIGER KICKOFF: Jefferson City graduates to meet on the line in Independence Bowl

North Carolina defensive lineman Sylvester Williams played football at Jefferson City High School at the same time Missouri center Travis Ruth did.

Steve Moore looms large in Missouri basketball's win against Illinois

Steve Moore's numerous contributions from the bench helped Missouri beat Illinois 78-74 in the annual Braggin' Rights.

TIGER KICKOFF: Bowl season means player gifts

Missouri football players have enjoyed a number of lavish gifts over the years — and this year's trip to the Independence Bowl is no different.

TIGER KICKOFF: Five most memorable moments of 2011 season

Take a look back at the football season's best, worst and most hilarious moments.

City plans to move forward on plan for sidewalk snow removal

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission plans to send a proposal of sidewalk snow removal to the Columbia City Council in January. 

TIGER KICKOFF: Your Shreveport travel guide

Heading to Shreveport for the Independence Bowl? We've got you covered.

Missouri women's basketball blocks Memphis

Blocked shots helped energize the Missouri women's basketball team (9-1) in its 58-48 victory over Memphis (9-3). Missouri leads the NCAA in blocked shots per game.

Several Columbia parks' lots to be closed for the winter

Several parking lots at city parks will be closed for the winter. Although Columbia parks staff said that's normal, the decision has taken some Douglass Park neighborhood residents by surprise.

MU student gains YouTube fame with help of 3-year-old "modern woman"

Kelsey O'Briant posted a class project video to YouTube on Dec. 14. Since then, it has gained national media attention and more than 400,000 views, largely because of its star, 3-year-old Lua McDowell.

Missouri highway death rate lowest in more than 60 years

Missouri has seen a continuous drop in fatal crashes on its highways for the past six years. The number is on track to fall below 800 in 2011, which would be the lowest since 1949.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Move your money to a better bank

When you pull your money out of your mega-bank and start banking with community development financial institutions, your old bank will hear your voice even louder and clearer than if you were standing on Wall Street with a bullhorn.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: A crackling fire can be cozy — or dangerous

Follow these precautions from the U.S. Fire Association to avoid a home fire during this holiday season.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Do us all a favor: Get a flu shot

Protect yourself and those around you by getting a flu shot this year.

Columbia woman turns years of gluten-free cooking into home business

Mary Manulik has been cooking gluten-free food since 1993. She decided to take her cooking experience and start a gluten-free bakery out of her own home.

Missouri 4-H increasing robotics programs in Boone County

A partnership between 4-H and a robotics company allows young people in Boone County to learn more about science and technology.

TIGER KICKOFF: This week's opponent is North Carolina

Get to know Missouri's opponent in the Independence Bowl: North Carolina.

Missouri men's basketball beats Illinois 78-74

It was the closest game of the season for the Missouri men's basketball team, but the result was the same. A win.

Missouri women's basketball defeats Memphis

The Missouri women's basketball team defeated Memphis 58-48 on Thursday to improve to 9-1 on the season.