Former Jefferson City police officer shot to death in apparent homicide

Holt's Summit Police Chief Kyle McIntyre says 52-year-old Paul Plunkett was shot Saturday afternoon inside his home.

Hickman girls basketball team tightens defense

The Hickman girls basketball team beat Newburg 53-37 on Monday at the Rolla tournament.

Coroner: two children had lethal drug doses

Police believe the children, found near the body of their mother, appear to be victims of a double homicide-suicide.

Driver charged with breaking traffic law and resisting arrest

A man was arrested on suspicion of driving carelessly and resisting arrest. His passenger, a 16-year-old boy and previously reported runaway, was found with cocaine. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Going mad for mincemeat pie

Too much sugar at Christmas has created an addict.

LETTER: Legislators should leave Prop B alone

Rep. Chris Kelly recently called for a review to discuss changes to Proposition B, but his reasons for doing so are off the mark.

Missouri mental health workers racking up overtime

The Missouri Department of Mental Health has paid about $48 million of overtime in the past three years, according to a report by the state auditor.

Lindsay Lohan to be released from rehab today

ANALYSIS: Economy nixes Nixon's campaign pledges

On Jan. 12, Gov. Jay Nixon will have been governor for two years and will have two more years remaining in his term. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder contends Nixon promised virtually anything to anyone during his 2008 campaign — ignoring the costs of actually fulfilling his platform even though it was apparent before the election that the economy was worsening.

Poor shooting leads to big loss for MU women's basketball team

Florida State's defense caused problems for the Tigers, especially senior guard RaeShara Brown.

Kansas City's World War I museum seeks to boost national profile

The private, nonprofit association that operates the Liberty Memorial, where the museum is located, also has set ambitious fundraising targets as the centennial of the war approaches.

Florida State uses physical play to unsettle MU women's basketball

The Seminoles's inside presence helped give them the edge over the Tigers.

Clean-up continues at Fort Leonard Wood in tornado aftermath

Donations are being accepted as Fort Leonard Wood recovers from a New Year's Eve tornado.

Women farmers thrive in male-dominated field

Women are more likely to inherit a farm than men. However, farmers can have complicated estates because their personal and business assets are often intertwined.


2010 deaths: Remembering those we lost in Columbia

We review the hundreds of residents who died last year.

iPhone alarms fail to ring in the new year

iPhone users started the new year by sleeping in late when a software glitch kept their alarms from working, but the problem should be fixed by Monday morning.

For NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, Columbia more than home

One of the city's most famous sports stars remains dedicated to his hometown.

Missouri women's basketball set to host ranked Florida State

The Missouri women's basketball team will have a rare opportunity Sunday when it plays  No. 25 Florida State.

Pump prices could hit $4 a gallon this year

Council to hold hearing on Hinkson Creek plan

The long-running dispute about an EPA proposal for controlling pollution in Hinkson Creek will come to the City Council after criticism that it had not been adequately involved in establishing policy on the matter.