Missouri women's basketball team falls at No. 1 Baylor

Baylor defeated Missouri 90-46 on Wednesday in Waco, Texas, in the Tigers' Big 12 Conference opener.

Boone County legislators discuss their plans for 2012 General Assembly

With the start of the General Assembly, Boone County state legislators discussed their goals for 2012 with most looking at the state's budget shortfall. 

Recent victories keep Missouri, three others on list of undefeated men's basketball teams

With the Missouri men's basketball team at 14-0, Tigers coach Frank Haith is off to the best start for a first-year coach at Missouri since 1920 when Craig Ruby's team started 17-0.

BENTON-STEPHENS: Benton Elementary's music teacher gets kids singing

Robert Battle gives students a traditional foundation but also dips into the popular music students love.

Court to hear challenge to new Missouri Senate districts

The Missouri Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments in the case for Jan. 12 and gave the parties until 4 p.m. Tuesday to submit written legal arguments. The state high court already was scheduled to consider legal challenges to new congressional districts that condensed Missouri's nine districts into eight.

Students get lesson in sciences from Smithsonian archaeologist, researcher

Sixth-graders at Lange Middle School learned about squid, spiders, old teeth and Indian artifacts.

Mayor pushes consideration of terminal additions at Columbia Regional Airport

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Bob McDavid asked for consideration of preliminary renditions of airport terminal additions at the Columbia Regional Airport. The improvements would be designed to increase traffic flow through the airport.

Invasive stink bug is expected to travel to Missouri this year

The brown marmorated stink bug is expected to travel to Missouri this year after being found in nearby states. Its progress is being watched because it causes more damage than native species and is hard to control.

DAVID ROSMAN: Getting things done is not the priority in Missouri Legislature

Missouri legislators appear to not want to get anything important done, especially to save a few bucks. This year's theme is on creating new and dreaded state constitutional amendments.

J. KARL MILLER: The destructive politics of racism

Directed at Republicans and conservatives, the most disturbing aspects of the charges of racism, both veiled and overt, are two-fold in that they are being leveled also by otherwise high ranking and "respected" members of government and the media and seemingly condoned by the stentorian silence of the Democratic Party's Congressional leadership.

Percent for Art program seeking local artists for Short Street garage project

The project has a $47,000 budget and, once finished, would be the third public art project at municipal parking garages.

Missouri lawmakers facing weighty financial issues

Among the considerations for closing the state's budget gap are an overhaul to the school funding formula.

Thumper Entertainment plans for a June concert in Stephens Lake Park

The organizer for the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival, Thumper Entertainment, plans to promote sustainability with its June concert. .

GOP committee seeks nominations for Ed Robb Award

Nominations are being sought for an award honoring former Boone County Presiding Commissioner Ed Robb, who died in September.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney celebrates GOP win in Iowa

The former Massachusetts governor was declared the winner in the week hours Wednesday, by just eight votes.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: State tax credit data

State tax credit data lets you can find out which businesses are receiving tax credits from the state.

Akin's son to manage campaign for Senate in Missouri

Several staffers have departed since December, but aides for U.S. Rep Todd Akin say the exodus is no indication of trouble or turmoil in the Senate campaign; it's simply a move to get ready for the new year.

Former economic development director named to Missouri Technology Corp..

Gov. Jay Nixon announced that David Kerr, who stepped down from his previous post at the start of this year, will join Technology Corp.

Rock Bridge girls basketball wins at Nerinx Hall

The Rock Bridge girls basketball team beat Nerinx Hall 64-36 on Wednesday night in Webster Groves to improve to 9-3.

Bonnie and Clyde guns to be auctioned in Missouri

The weapons — a .45-caliber , fully automatic Thompson submachine gun — better known as a Tommy gun — and 1897 Winchester 12-gauge shotgun — are owned by the great-grandchildren of a Tulsa, Okla., police detective who was given them by a police officer involved in an April 13, 1933, raid.