After foreclosures, one family fights Bank of America to regain losses

Mohamed Sultan looks out his window while his wife, Wanda R. Sultan, waits for him in their Hallsville home. The family bought the house in 1996, and Bank of America foreclosed on it in 2011.

The Sultan family was told by a loan specialist that they could afford to take out a loan to purchase a new house. But the Sultans feel they have been lied to and treated wrongly by the bank after facing foreclosure.

Missouri men's basketball bounces back in 76-69 win against Iowa State

Missouri's Steve Moore and Michael Dixon combined for 22 points from the bench in the No. 9 Tigers' 70-66 victory Wednesday night over the Cyclones in Ames Iowa.

Missouri women's basketball team struggles at Kansas State

The Tigers fell 72-46 to the Kansas State Wildcats, putting the Missouri women's basketball team at 10-4 on the season and 0-3 in Big 12 play.

New 3-D lab unveiled at the MU Department of Architectural Studies

New technology will allow students to improve their designs by experiencing them in three dimensions.

Association of colleges calls for student education on democratic participation

The president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities visited the White House on Tuesday to call for a renewed focus on education in civics at its member institutions. At MU, a focus on practical application of civic knowledge has to overcome political disinterest and skepticism.

DAVID ROSMAN: Two new Missouri Senate bills attempt to tackle payday loans

These bills, which propose to compound payday loan interest rates quarterly instead of bi-weekly, would make it easier for the economically downtrodden to take advantage of payday loans.

J. KARL MILLER: There are two varsity basketball teams at Mizzou

Women's basketball has been overlooked and underappreciated by most sports fans. However, the sport, including MU's women's basketball team, is no longer the dull and archaic game it used to be. 

Police arrest three on suspicion of stealing from cars, forgery

Several thefts from motor vehicles in recent weeks have been under investigation.

ADHD medication in short supply in Columbia and nationwide

The shortage of attention deficit medications has been caused by a conflict between the Drug Enforcement Administration and drug manufacturers. Some Columbia pharmacies are trying to stock up on the medications before the shortage worsens.

Possible snow expected Wednesday evening and Thursday

Columbia could expect to see a gradual drop in temperatures between 4 and 5 p.m. Wednesday, with the possibility of snow beginning around 9 p.m.

Five finalists selected for MU School of Law dean search

Each of the candidates will be making a two-day campus visit later this month and in February.

MU asks education department to adjust football spending data

An updated report now lists Missouri's football expenses from last year at roughly $15 million, down from the $20 million previously reported.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia crime tracker

Regional Analysis & Information Data Sharing lets viewers track crime in their areas. 

Highway funding bill on fast track in Missouri Senate

All states have until Jan. 30 to comply with federal mandates that require interstate truck drivers to provide proof that they are healthy enough to drive. Missouri might not meet that deadline.

Proposed Missouri bill would make schools immigration monitors

A bill that would require public schools to verify the immigration status of incoming students will go through the statehouse. The bill is already a topic of controversy for one interest group.

Missouri House panel endorses spending limit proposal

The House Budget Committee approved a proposed spending cap on Missouri's general revenue budget by a 19-9 vote. The measure would eventually have to be approved by Missouri voters.

Missouri bill would cut income tax, raise cigarette tax

The legislation, filed by Sen. John Lamping, would exempt anyone earning less than $2,000 from having to pay state income tax. It would offset the reduction in state income tax revenues by increasing the cigarette tax.

Astronomers see more planets than stars in galaxy

Astronomers have found planets that mirror "Star Wars" Luke Skywalker's home planet with twin suns and a mini-star system with a dwarf sun and shrunken planets.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Study offers room to negotiate on valuing good teachers

A Harvard study suggests that the earnings capacity for students in elementary and middle-school is affected by the quality of their teacher. Replacing one poor teacher with an average one could raise an entire classroom's earnings by $266,000 over their lifetimes.

Former Olympian Askren tops MU Hall of Fame

Others who will be honored at the Feb. 10 induction ceremony in Columbia are Don Chadwick, Tom Heckman, Max Scherzer, Russ Sloan and George Williams.