GUEST COMMENTARY: Education cuts are not the solution

Children should be getting more quality instructional time, not less, to prepare to compete in the rapidly globalizing economy. Instead they're being held back and provided fewer school days and hours by stopgap solutions to budget problems they didn't cause.

Kansas City has worst homicide toll in 3 years

More than half of last year's homicides were triggered by domestic violence.

Hickman girls basketball team wins opener at Rolla tournament

The Hickman girls basketball team beat Waynesville 49-37 on Monday in the first round of the Rolla tournament.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Welcome progress on U.S. fuel efficiency

Several notable events in 2011 showed it's time for Americans to change at least some of their old ways of thinking about oil.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Economy trends upward as year begins

In this election year, the economy will be a topic of much discussion and debate. Candidates will take credit for each upswing and criticize opponents for each downturn. But no candidate or elected official can single-handedly spark an economic boom.


Couple renovating home of Mark Twain's girlfriend

Laura Hawkins Frazer was the childhood sweetheart of Samuel Clemens, and when he grew up and began writing stories under the name Mark Twain, he used his old flame as the model of the girl who steals the heart of Tom Sawyer in the classic novel, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

Canadian comedian brings movement, pop culture impersonations to New Year's Eve performance

Greg Morton has performed in Columbia for more than 20 years. He uses a combination of impersonations, singing and dances to entertain audiences.

Columbia houses of worship use social media to reach tech-savvy congregations

A recent national study indicates the religious use social media as much, if not more than, the public as a whole. Houses of worship in Columbia are already using new technology to communicate with their members.

MU graduate student from Thailand celebrates holidays with American families

Puminan 'Pete' Punthasee, a second-year graduate student at MU, spent the holiday season with American families meeting new people.

Columbia teen killed in Missouri's first reported traffic fatality in 2012

Kameron Gwin, 19, of Columbia was killed early Sunday morning in Missouri's first reported traffic fatality of 2012. A passenger, Danielle Strickland, was in serious condition at University Hospital on Sunday afternoon.

CHERRY HILL: Perlman-Stoy Ballet School moving to new location

The Perlman-Stoy Ballet School is moving to a new location at The Village of Cherry Hill on Monday.

McCaskill hopes Missouri voters will view her as watchdog in Senate

Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has survived several decades in politics as a lawmaker, prosecutor and auditor, is heading into a challenging campaign year against an economic headwind that may imperil incumbents.

ACLU objects to Missouri school district's religious speakers

The issue came to the ACLU's attention after former Chicago Bears team chaplain Ray McElroy, a former NFL defensive back, made several presentations to St. Joseph district schools in October.

Columbia residents start Happy New U with fitness activities

The fourth annual Happy New U drew more than 200 Columbia residents Sunday morning to start the new year with different exercises.