Laura Naomi Melloway, June 14, 1923 — Jan. 31, 2012, of Columbia

Columbia to host Missouri Special Olympics Summer State Games

The event will require $250,00 in funding and roughly 1,500 volunteers.

Shots fired at High Hill Circle trailer court

Shots were fired Thursday evening at the High Hill Circle trailer courts. No one was injured. The Boone County Sheriff's Department is asking anyone with information to call.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Academic Progress Rate

Academic Progress Rate is an NCAA tool that measures the success of a program moving its athletes toward graduation. It takes into account academic eligibility and retention — whether the athletes stay in schoo

Missouri gymnastics coach Rob Drass shares friendly rivarly with former mentor

Friday marked the first time Missouri gymnastics coach Rob Drass had the opportunity to showcase his head coaching abilities to Stevenson, his longtime friend and mentor, as the No. 17 Tigers led throughout all four rotations and defeated the No. 23 Wolfpack, 195.925-195.225.


Judge sets Feb. 10 deadline for House redistricting arguments

Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce has set the deadline for submitting arguments in the lawsuit challenging new House districts a mere two and a half weeks before candidates begin filing for this year's election.

New Missouri congressional redistricting map survives lawsuits

Two lawsuits arguing the newest congressional redistricting map fails to meet state constitutional requirements were rejected by Cole Country Circuit Judge Dan Green.

Komen drops plan to cut Planned Parenthood grants 

The charity originally excluded Planned Parenthood from its breast-screening grants due to the government investigation surrounding the organization.

Psychologist: Suspect in Giffords shooting still 'incompetent'

Although Jared Lee Loughner has improved, his chief psychologist said his mental state still leaves him unable to stand trial.

Missouri Senate passes health insurance measure

The measure would allow lawmakers or voters to decide if health insurance exchanges should be operated by the state or the federal government.

Egg recall widened in 34 states, including Missouri

Although no illnesses have been reported, the hard-cooked eggs could be contaminated with a strain of listeria.  This strain has the potential to cause serious infections.

Super Bowl advertisers go after smartphone, tablet owners

With research showing that smartphone and tablet owners use their gadgets while watching TV, companies are directing advertisements toward these "second screens."

Hoosier state charms East Coast guests

Patriots fans are streaming into Indianapolis in preparation for the 46th Super Bowl, and from sandwiches to scarves, their Hoosier hosts are doing everything possible to make them feel at home.

'Tebowmania' comes to Super Bowl

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has become a national sensation for his last-minute victories and trademark "tebowing." Tebow visited the Super Bowl on Thursday to talk with reporter about his season, the Broncos' loss to the Patriots, and his desire to keep improving.

Parents of missing Kansas City baby to appear on Dr. Phil

Friday's "Dr. Phil" will include a segment featuring the parents of Lisa Irwin, an infant who has been missing since October.

Pujols 5 restaurant gets new name

Parents think missing Kansas City baby is still alive

In a taped appearance on the "Dr. Phil" show Friday, baby Lisa Irwin's parents said they believe the child is alive and pleaded for her safe return.

Future of historic Cape Girardeau schoolhouse in doubt

Inspectors found the 88-year-old schoolhouse to be in violation of three city codes, sparking conversation about whether to restore the building or tear it down.

Piano man spreads joy through music therapy

While receiving treatment for leukemia, Dan Deluca, a Kansas City music legend, plays the piano, filling the halls with inspiration and happiness.

By hosting the Super Bowl, Indianapolis gets dose of star power

Celebrities, event planners say that the Midwest city will attract the rich and famous despite its reputation.