Missouri man discovers new comet

Fred Bruenjes gave up his corporate life half a decade ago, and it finally paid off. The Warrensburg amateur astronomer discovered a comet last week, which is a task usually left up to the professionals.

UPDATE: Judge upholds new map of Missouri House districts

The case is likely to be appealed as candidates prepare to start launching their campaigns on Feb. 28.

Judge upholds new map of Missouri House districts

Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce ruled that the plaintiffs failed to prove the districts' populations were not as equal as possible.

Missouri Supreme Court strikes down most of ethics law

The high court said Tuesday the bill violated a requirement of the Missouri Constitution that legislation not be amended to change its original purpose.

McDonnell family member sues Boeing for patent infringement

The suit brought by William "Randy" McDonnell alleges Boeing infringed on his patent for an unmanned drone landing system. McDonnell is the current president of Advanced Aerospace Technologies Inc.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Certification solves occupational licensing problems, creates jobs

Occupational licensing creates higher unemployment rates, lower levels of competition and potential biases in the determination of who gets to work in a specific field.

Nixon: Missouri Supreme Court decision leaves 'significant hole' in ethics laws

The decision changes the requirements for reporting large campaign contributions and takes away the Ethics Commission's authority to launch investigations.

Missouri Senate panel backs measure on birth control

A state Senate committee endorsed legislation Tuesday allowing employers to refuse to provide insurance coverage for birth control, abortions or sterilization procedures, if doing so would go against an employer's religious beliefs.

Occupy movement plans Midwest regional gathering in St. Louis

Organizers hope a regional conference will strengthen ties between the various Occupy movements in the Midwest. Supporters from nearly 20 cities in seven states plan to attend.

Anheuser-Busch to invest about $80 million in subsidiary facility

As part of a plan to invest $1 billion in facilities in the next three years, Anheuser-Busch said it will invest up to $80 million in a facility in the St. Louis suburb of Arnold to increase production capacity.

Frontier to drop eight daily flights from Kansas City

A FrontierAirlines spokeswoman said that the flight changes are part of reorganization across the country. 

Missouri senator pushes for religious exception for distributing birth control

The legislation, sponsored by Sen. John Lamping, would allow employers to refuse to provide insurance coverage for birth control, abortions or sterilization procedures if it contradicts with employers' religious beliefs.

West Virginia settles Big East lawsuit, will join Big 12

The terms of the deal were confidential, and West Virginia University would not release details, athletic director Oliver Luck said.

Missouri Attorney General urges courts to block insurance mandate

Attorney General Chris Koster has filed a brief calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to reject the federal law that requires most Americans to buy or obtain health insurance by 2014.

Washington governor approves gay marriage bill, prepares for opponents' challenge

Opponents of the bill filed a referendum Monday. If 120,577 signatures can be collected by June 6, the law will be put on hold pending a November vote.

Nixon appoints deputy director of economic development after failed confirmation

Gov. Nixon appointed Jason Hall as the deputy director for the Department of Economic Development, a position that doesn't need Senate confirmation. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Why does Missouri pass pro-discrimination bills?

The "common sense" argument for voter identification and workplace discrimination bills brought by state Republicans makes little sense for Missourians.

Kansas City police say body found in Virginia not Lisa Irwin

KMBC-TV reported that Internet postings raised speculation that the Virginia child might be Lisa.

Royals already prepping for All-Star game

"Major League Baseball is going to see how special the Royals fans are, because we're going to embrace the All-Star game, in my opinion, better than any city in recent years," said Dayton Moore, Royals general manager.

Texas asking fans for patience with Longhorn Network

Football season came and went without a major cable or satellite distributor picking up the Longhorn Network. The same will likely happen with basketball.