SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Preschool database available through Education Department

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education maintains an electronic database of preschool programs.

Missouri man charged with murder in toddler's death

Thomas Presley is being charged with staging a hit-and-run on Missouri Route 135 to cover up the fatal beating of his girlfriend's son.

Missouri, West Virginia protests planned over Blair Mountain

The Blair Mountain battlefield was the site of the country's largest armed uprising since the civil war. Protestors are trying to save the site from coal mining.

Missouri Senate backs college transfer credit library

The legislation would allow students to receive credit for taking courses from a statewide library if they transferred to another Missouri school.

Woman sues St. Louis therapist for implanting false memories of satanic worship

The Castlewood Treatment Center patient claimed she was hypnotized and convinced that repressed memories were the cause of her anorexia.  Another woman filed a similar suit against Castlewood in November.

Judge orders halt to Camdenton School District's filtering of LGBT sites

The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the school district for blocking sites that are meant to educate visitors on gay, lesbian, and transgender issues.

Gov. Nixon calls for new ethics law from General Assembly

The decision by the Missouri Supreme Court to throw out the most recent ethics law because of how it was approved has left a "significant gap" in state ethics policy, says Gov. Jay Nixon.

Eldest member of Mohler family released on own recognizance

Mohler and four of his sons were accused of molesting six young female relatives in the 1980s on a family farm in western Missouri.

Congress sends payroll tax cut bill to Obama

A new legislation would renew both benefits for those out of work and a payroll tax cut for workers. It will now be sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law shortly.

St. Louis prepares for Mardi Gras celebration

Preparations are under way for the Mardi Gras celebration in St. Louis, which is dwarfed only by the festivities in New Orleans.

Nixon to discuss new Missouri ethics law

Currently, candidates and officeholders do not have to publicly report contributions of more than $500 within 48 hours when the legislature is in session.

New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid dies in Syria

The Pulitzer Prize winner died of an asthma attack while reporting on resistance to the Syrian government. Shadid has had asthma his entire life.

Mardi Gras means fat business beyond New Orleans

Though many associate the pre-Lenten celebration with New Orleans, other cities in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida also host celebrations that provide their economies with major boosts.  

Ag officials search for Missouri century farms

Those who have farms that have been in the same line of ownership since Dec. 31, 1912, can apply for recognition this year.

Missouri housing agency OKs plan targeting homelessness

The Missouri Housing Development Commission has approved the construction of 155 units to serve the homeless.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Cash rules Missouri's odius political culture

Missouri legislators need to work on cleaning up Missouri's money-grubbing political culture.