Missouri Senate rejects property tax increase on farms

Lawmakers had until this coming Sunday to vote down the tax increase. Senators did so Thursday with a 19-8 vote. The House voted 117-39 last week to reject the tax hike.

UPDATE: Missouri House endorses quicker intervention in schools

The House voted 148-0 to pass the school accreditation legislation and the bill moves to the state Senate.

Tales of Wednesday's deadly pre-dawn storms as more are forecast for Friday

The next storm system is forecast to take a similar path on Friday as Wednesday's storms and has the potential for even more damage. Both the Midwest and South will be "right in the bull's eye."


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for ethics law is now

Under the current ethics law, there is no limit to the amount of donations and contributions legislators can receive from lobbyists.

Missouri House endorses quicker intervention for state officials in schools

School districts that lose state accreditation currently are given two years to improve before the state officials can intervene. The new legislation would remove the waiting period.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time to let Missouri's quasi-state insurance company sink or swim

After Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Co. paid back its seed money, it was supposed to stand on its own, like a kid who leaves the family nest. It's time for Missouri lawmakers to kick this kid out of the house.

Creighton University economist says more Midwest industries in recovery

A February survey indicates that economic recovery in the Midwest and the Plains has spread to most industries, except construction.

Hacking group Anonymous claims to have attacked Springfield website

The city is offering about 2,100 people whose personal information was stolen by the group identity theft protection insurance.

COMO YOU KNOW: Muriel Battle

Muriel Battle, who died in 2003, was known as a pioneer in education and equality in Columbia. A new high school will bear her name.

COMO YOU KNOW: Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

The hospital, committed to providing cancer prevention, detection and treatment, was the first cancer center west of the Mississippi River.

2012 Columbia Public School Board Candidates: Rex Cone

2012 Columbia Public School Board Candidates: Melvin Blase

2012 Columbia Public School Board Candidates: Christine King

2012 Columbia Public School Board Candidates: Paul Cushing