FROM READERS: Photos display the contrasts of early spring

Spring blooms rescued from the weather, a hungry squirrel and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Campaign contributions listed by Missouri Ethics Commission

Missouri Ethics Commission discloses campaign contributions received by candidates.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Nursing home inspections help with evaluations of sites

Nursing homes are inspected by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and you'll want to check their inspection record before turning a loved one over to a caregiver.

Solar storm far less threatening than expected

The storm did not significantly impact electrical or technological systems, so no harm to satellites or GPS signals, as was previously forecast, occurred.

Cursive gets cursory treatment in schools during digital age

In St. Louis public schools and others across the country, cursive and general handwriting lessons are emphasized less because of a shift to keyboarding. Research shows, though, that handwriting sparks brain activity.

Missouri gymnastics loses to Alabama in Tuscaloosa

The Missouri gymnastics lost to the 2011 national champion Alabama Crimson Tide 97.175 – 195.375 in a Friday's meet. Proceeds from the meet went to benefit tornado victims in Alabama and Missouri.

St. Louis study explores benefits of providing free contraceptives as preventive care

The most effective means of birth control are also the most expensive, and those without insurance or the means to pay are often saddled with an even costlier situation — an unplanned pregnancy.

Missouri House advocates cellphone tracking in emergencies

A new bill would help law enforcement agencies to find cellphone users when they are in dangerous situations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Prepare and plan for severe weather

Severe Weather Awareness Week begins Monday, promoting the many things that can be done to protect oneself during storms, tornadoes and floods.

Missouri legislation would simplify prison visitation process for children

The two-year pilot project would permit incarcerated mothers to see their children more often.

Missouri bill would establish new rules for owning primates

Monkey owners would need a permit to keep the exotic pets, and they would be required to keep their primates away from other people.

Chiefs wait in line to court Manning

On Friday, free agent quarterback Peyton Manning visited the Denver Broncos, the first of many teams that will attempt to lure the 11-time Pro Bowler to their city. The Kansas City Chiefs are one of those teams, and Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has confirmed interest in Manning.

Illinois fires head basketball coach Weber

COMO YOU KNOW: Alumni Association Student Board

The board consists of representatives from MU and the Mizzou Alumni Association.

Pain treatments at heart of dispute

The Missouri legislature is considering bills that could prohibit certified, registered nurse anesthetists from performing many procedures to treat or prevent acute pain, such as epidurals for women in labor or some nerve blocks after surgery.

Missouri law on religious schools creates special education challenges

Missouri's Blaine Amendment blocks all manner of public funding from any religious-based entity. This includes special education services.