French standoff ends with terror suspect shot in head

The top priority for investigators now is determining whether Mohamed Merah, who claimed allegiance to al-Qaida, was the kind of lone-wolf terrorist that intelligence agencies find particularly hard to trace or part of a network of homegrown militants operating quietly in French housing projects, unbeknownst to police.

UPDATE: Missouri House funds education, cuts blind benefits

Missouri House representatives passed a $24 billion state budget plan that maintains level funding for higher education by cutting health care benefits for the blind.

Joplin schools seek support for $62 million bond issue

Joplin schools ask for help to rebuild, but taxpayers are still struggling to recover individually from the May 2011 tornado.

UPDATE: 'Off-Cleaner' maker donates land for Missouri state park

The land was donated upon the death of 84-year-old Don Robinson, who died Monday of congestive heart failure. Robinson accumulated 843 acres in Jefferson County, the same size of Central Park in New York.

Argentine warns investors: oil companies in Falkland Islands working illegally

The foreign minister of Argentina sent letters to the New York and London stock exchanges urging they consider the legal risks of investing in oil companies. Argentina is part of a long-standing dispute with Britain over the territory of the Falkland Islands.

Russia changes stance, says Syrian forces should pull out of conflict

The comments by Mikhail Margelov, the Kremlin-connected chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the upper house of Russian parliament, indicated Moscow's increasing impatience with Syria's President Bashar Assad and its eagerness to raise pressure on an old ally.

Traffic lights proposed at Fairview Road and Ash Street intersection

The intersection of Fairview Road and Ash Street will get span-wire signalization if approved by Columbia City Council. 

Judge rules Missouri flag desecration law unconstitutional

U.S. District Judge Carol E. Jackson issued a permanent injunction Tuesday in the case of Frank Snider, a Cape Girardeau man arrested in 2009 for cutting up an American flag then throwing it into the street.

Missouri bill would make enforcing federal health care overhaul illegal

The legislation would impose a year in jail and a $1,000 fine on any government employee seeking to enforce the 2009 health care overhaul within Missouri. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Direst strait keeps Delta CEO up at night

Delta Air Lines Inc. is the largest private purchaser of jet fuel in the United States. If war with Iran blocked the means to how Delta gets its fuel, the price of a barrel of oil could rise 300 percent. 

More than 200 to lose jobs at Poplar Bluff plant

More than 200 workers are set to lose their jobs with the closing of a lawn mower production plant in Poplar Bluff. The layoffs will take effect April 12.

Q&A: Why are gasoline prices so high?

Last year, the average price of gasoline was higher than ever, and it hasn't gotten any better this year. The average price nationwide is $3.88 per gallon, the highest ever for March. Why?

Unhappy public not sure who to blame for high gas prices

From all corners of the country, Americans are irritated these days by record-high fuel prices. And the cost is becoming a political issue just as the presidential campaign kicks into high gear.

"Off-Cleaner" maker donates 843 acres for Missouri state park

Don Robinson, creator of the spot remover brand "Off-Cleaner," died Monday and donated land in Jefferson County to the state upon his death.

Missouri's wrestling coach named Big 12 Coach of the Year

Brian Smith is the first Missouri wrestling coach to win the honor.

Moving in together before marriage no longer predicts divorce

A new government study found those who were engaged and living together before the wedding were about as likely to have marriages that lasted 15 years as couples who hadn't lived together.

National tea party PAC backs Steelman in Missouri Senate race

Seventeen Missouri tea party groups released a statement Thursday saying they had not endorsed anyone in the Senate race.

Missouri judge to consider case on tax ballot measure

The group Let Voters Decide is working to put a state constitutional amendment before voters later this year that would replace the state's income tax with a broader sales tax.

Missouri's warm weather bringing out early ticks, mosquitoes

Temperatures in the 80s have been common throughout Missouri over the past two weeks, bringing June-like weather to March. The warm weather has caused an increasing number of mosquito and tick reports. 

Former deputy Mo. auditor says cost estimates for tax initiatives insufficient

Chuck Pierce says the overall effect on state revenue cannot be predicted.