LUNAFEST film festival coming to Columbia

Film festival promoting awareness about women's issues will be at The Blue Note on April 22.

Tighter security for SAT, ACT in wake of cheating

SAT steps up security after cheating found in New York county. New measures require photo identifications and "spot checks" at test sites.

Veterinarians say dogs, cats turn old halfway through life

The American Veterinary Medical Association says cats and small dogs are geriatric at 7 — and large dogs at 6. But not everyone agrees, and rescuers say those definitions can be a death sentence to older animals in need of homes.


Supreme Court justices argue constitutionality of Obama's health care law

The Supreme Court justices debated President Barack Obama's health care law Tuesday. They must decide if the mandate for Americans to have insurance oversteps the Constitution.

U.S. stumbles as it pushes to join soccer elite

Even though the U.S. plays soccer better than it did 25 years ago, the under-23s have failed to make two of the last three Olympics after their elimination Monday night.

Three robberies occurred in northern Columbia

In February and March, three robberies occurred in the Saddlebrook Place and Kennesaw Ridge area.

Ex-doctor dumps abortion files in Kansas recycling bin

The general counsel for the State Board of Healing Arts, which regulates physicians and doctor's offices, said it will consider going to court to have an outside custodian take possession of any remaining records from the Affordable Medical and Surgical Services in Kansas City, Kan.

Hurricane officials: No more tape for windows

The National Hurricane Conference is encouraging folks caught in a hurricane's path to skip taping their windows. It believes taping windows leads to a false sense of security and actually increases danger.

Missouri Senate gives initial approval for penalty for fatal hunting accidents

The measure would let the Conservation Commission impose a 10-year suspension of hunting privileges for anyone who accidentally kills another person while hunting. Current legislation only allows for a maximum of five years suspension.

Thousands expected at Missouri Capitol rallies

Groups intended to gather for rallies about federal health care policies and bills limiting workplace discrimination.

NFL owners approve salary cap reductions

ther than Dallas and Washington, no club voted Tuesday to oppose the agreement, which raised the salary cap for 2012 from about $113 million to $120.6 million.

Three arrests made in connection to fire on Vandiver Drive

Columbia Police Department made three arrests in connection to a fire on Vandiver Drive caused by the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Missouri court ruling alters taxes on vehicle purchases

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled that sales tax can only be paid on vehicles purchased within the state. Previously owners paid sales tax when registering a vehicle, regardless of where it was purchased.

Woman faces charges in 2001 newborn death

The Missouri woman, Amy Ann Romero, had been living in Breckenridge when she was arrested in January.

First comes love, then comes marriage (maybe)

We've long heard the sad prediction that about 50 percent of American marriages are doomed to fail — and that statistic is pretty accurate. According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of first marriages end within 20 years.

Shifting gears, careers and dreams

When Addie Rose Davis pictures the perfect life, she's 30 years old and living in her own house with a husband, two children and a successful job. But at 18, she's not exactly sure how she's going to get there.

Care for yourself — and others

Amanda Powell, 23, of Kirksville said to her "the American Dream is being able to take care of yourself to the extent that you're then able to take care of the people around you."

When the dream confronts reality — and children

Have fun in high school. Go to college. Fall in love. Live happily ever after. That's what Jon Parkhurst, 33, sees as the message delivered to children today – a message that he finds problematic.


Where is the 'middle' in middle class?

The White House has a task force devoted to restoring the middle class. Yet the U.S. government has no firm definition for what exactly middle class is.

Two ways to define a generation: Where do you fit?

The concept of "generation" shows up again and again in media and popular culture, used by everyone from marketers to educators to employers. But defining who belongs to a generation presents an interesting challenge.