EPA joins forces with community on Hinkson Creek cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency will work with all of the stakeholders to clean up the Hinkson Creek through the Collaborative Adaptive Management plan.

City Council candidates discuss future of Columbia bus system

Candidates support asking MU to help pay for a more extensive, student-centric bus system. However, they are split on how much the city should subsidize bus operating costs from its own budget.

Oakland principal looks ahead to her new role leading Battle High

Kim Presko, principal at Oakland Junior High School, has a sentimental tie to her future school, Battle High School: Muriel Battle hired her as a math teacher at West Junior High School in 1990.

Missouri softball team sweeps doubleheader from Evansville

The Tigers won 4-2 and 7-0 Wednesday at University Field, but coach Ehren Earleywine said he was not satisfied with his team.

Supreme Court appears split by ideology over health care

The justices' decision, due this June, will affect the way virtually every American receives and pays for care. The court wrapped up public arguments Wednesday on the overhaul, which is designed to extend health insurance to most of the 50 million Americans now without it.

House endorses birth record requirement for Missouri candidates

J. KARL MILLER: We need to return to civility of past generations

While our First Amendment rights should be protected, we need to communicate our opinions compassionately and treat others with respect. This includes amending the content in vulgar entertainment mediums such as movies, television shows, concerts and night club entertainment.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hoppe represents all Sixth Ward residents

Barbara Hoppe has demonstrated that she can bring neighbors, homeowners, studentsand businesses together to find common solutions that benefit everyone.

DAVID ROSMAN: Local elections are microcosm of our larger concerns

David Rosman discusses local issues that will appear on the April 3 election ballot and gives his own reviews of the candidates running for seats in the City Council and Columbia Public School Board.

PHOTO GALLERY: Memorial Baptist Church members serve community

Memorial Baptist Church members did yard work for an elderly homeowner as part of several daily projects for the community.

UPDATE: Missouri governor says extra federal money could help blind

Gov. Jay Nixon has proposed using an extra $17.75 million in federal Medicaid funds to avoid cuts for a program that provides money for the blind.

Missouri baseball team ends homestand with loss to Central Arkansas

The Tigers gathered 11 hits but stranded seven runners on base in an 8-2 loss to the Bears on Wednesday at Taylor Stadium.

Mumbai, Miami on list for big weather disasters

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecasts stronger tropical cyclones and more frequent heat waves, deluges and droughts. It warns that the greatest threat from extreme weather is to highly populated, poor regions of the world.

Company says its pseudoephedrine is meth-resistant

Highland president and CEO Jim Bausch said his company's form of pseudoephedrine is just as effective as those currently on the market but can't be extracted and used to make meth.

Women's group protests planned honors for Limbaugh at Missouri Capitol

On Wednesday, a group marched around the Capitol's north side to protest plans to honor Rush Limbaugh in the Missouri Capitol, before piling up pages with about 35,000 petition signatures outside Missouri House Speaker Steven Tilley's third-floor corner office.

Hoppe recognized for leadership by National League of Cities

Sixth Ward councilwoman reached the bronze level in the National League of Cities' Certificate of Achievement in Leadership program.

Columbia School Board candidates discuss achievement gap, tax levy and budget issues

Columbia School Board candidates shares their personal experience and perspectives on closing achievement gap, tax levy and bond issue proposals and the budget.

House approves changes to sex offender registry

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri's teacher retirement system remains healthy

Despite a weak economy, the Public School & Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri remains 85 percent pre-funded. A strong retirement system is vital to attracting qualified teachers to the state.

New name approved for Boone County Fairgrounds

The Central Missouri Event Center, Home of the Boone County Fair, is the new name for the Boone County fairgrounds. Members of the Boone County Commission renamed the fairgrounds Tuesday to reflect the diversity of the venue.