Four teens suspected of stealing, crashing car

Two juvenile males are in custody, and two others are in the hospital with charges pending.

Police arrest three teens after trio of robberies

Evidence suggests they were responsible for robberies at Hong Kong Restaurant, Motel 6 East and Break Time store on Nifong Boulevard, police said.

Missouri colleges more often hiring part-time faculty

While many universities hire adjunct faculty to help fill basic courses, some critics say the practice is actually detrimental to the university. Adjunct faculty hires rose by 48 percent at MU between 2002 and 2011.  

Missouri university plans to end charter sponsorship

After struggling with poor academic performance and high administrative costs, charter schools previously sponsored by Missouri Baptist University are in danger of closing. The private Christian school has announced it will give the state oversight of seven charter school campuses.

Reshaping child protection for Kansas City Catholic diocese

Jennifer Valenti and Carrie Cooper, mothers with children who attend Catholic schools, are working to rebuild child-safety measures within the church and have pledged to follow Missouri's mandated reporting law to the letter.

Mega-slim odds of winning Mega Millions with the largest jackpot ever in U.S.

Players are converging on convenience stores in the 42 states and Washington, D.C., where Mega Millions tickets are sold despite the slim odds of claiming the record $540 million jackpot.

11-year-old Missouri boy builds his own computer

Andrew Riachi, 11, built a desktop computer on his own after researching best parts and saving money.