Missouri senators add money for unemployed to budget

The Senate Appropriations Committee inserted an item into Missouri's proposed budget that would help provide tuition assistance and job training to unemployed workers.

UPDATE: More Missouri congressional representatives oppose any military base reductions

Three more of Missouri's U.S. representatives in Congress asserted their opposition to any potential reductions at Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood.


UPDATE: Missouri Senate budget plan would maintain funding for public universities

The Senate Appropriations Committee agreed to follow the House's lead by keeping funding steady for public universities and providing a modest increase for public elementary and secondary schools.

Lisa Irwin baby disappearance case still active despite dwindling tips

Lisa Irwin was reported missing Oct. 4, when her parents say they believe she was kidnapped.

Former South Dakota Senator George McGovern hospitalized in Florida

The 89-year-old former presidential candidate is in stable condition but occasionally passes out and loses his ability to speak.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Low state taxes don't benefit Missourians

Missouri is now the lowest tax-collecting state per capita in the nation, which leads to local taxes paying for what the state won't.

OPINION: Obama doesn't tell whole story in speech

In a speech Tuesday, President Barack Obama pointed out flaws of the Republican Party while avoiding realities of the Democratic Party.

McCaskill fighting gas prices, high living expenses on state tour

The Democratic senator is calling the tour "Fighting for Fairness." She will stop Wednesday in Columbia before moving onto Springfield and Kansas City.

State legislatures push to curb rising gas prices

Lawmakers in several states, including Missouri, are proposing legislation to make rising gas prices more consumer friendly.

Missouri Senate backs study of Columbia-based, state-created insurer

Senators gave initial approval Wednesday to a bill creating a five-member Senate panel to analyze whether Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Co. should be sold, privatized or restructured.

Missouri congressional representatives oppose any base reductions

The members of Missouri's congressional delegation think the state's military bases are too important to cut.

Warm and fuzzy T. rex? New evidence surprises

The Tyrannosauraus rex has long been depicted in popular culture as having scaly skin, but the discovery of an earlier, feathered relative suggests the king of dinosaurs might have had a softer side.

911 calls expose miscommunication of Colorado wildfire responders

Responding to a fire that apparently killed three people and burned 6 square miles outside of Denver, emergency officials underestimated the seriousness of the fire and sent automated phone warnings to the wrong numbers.

Nine medical societies move to reduce wasteful health care spending

By reducing the number of unnecessary medical tests, the organizations hope to make health care more efficient.

Class-action harrassment suit against Iowa truck company backfires

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was looking for a workplace discrimination judgment but has ended up on trial itself for "sue first, ask questions later" strategy.

Bill would make Missouri license easier for military motorcyclists

The legislation would allow active-duty service members who have completed qualifying military motorcycle courses to be exempt from a road test.

Divisive teen tanning ban pits cancer worries against individual freedom

The Missouri House of Representatives is looking at a bill which would require parental permission for anyone younger than 18 to use a tanning facility.

Joplin approves $62 million bond issue for tornado-damaged schools

Unofficial results have the bond issue passing by less than one percentage point.

Proposed bill to limit teen tanning sent back to Missouri House committee

The bill would have forbidden anyone younger than 15 from using tanning equipment, but Republicans raised concerns this infringed on individual freedoms.

Tax preparation sessions at MU offer help filing tax returns

Tax preparation sessions led by campus and community-based tax experts will be held 4:30 to 8 p.m. April 4, 11 and 18 at 147 Stanley Hall.