Case stalls for former Missouri sheriff accused of meth distribution

Tommy Adams, a former Carter County sheriff, was arrested a year ago on suspicion of methamphetamine and cocaine distribution as well as possession and distribution of stolen guns. Since the court case was moved to near St. Louis, though, nothing has happened.

In Sedalia, each to his own dreams

The American Next project is prompting me to get beyond Columbia and meet people who live different lives and have different attitudes and expectations. Here are some of the things I heard during an early trip to Sedalia, where I met three young professionals and asked them to define their American Dream.

Plowing the ground for the future

Chance Foster, 30, started a landscaping business because he loved the satisfaction of working in the field — loved it ever since he was a kid, even studied landscape design at MU. 

The cost of tickets — past and future

Tim Garrett, 18, loves machines, dirt and the outdoors. His hands are scarred from working on heavy machinery at his family's farm just outside of Kirksville, where he's lived for the past eight years with his mother, stepfather and two younger brothers.

Tax credits and new jobs: Incentive or myth?

Job growth in Missouri, as in much of the nation post-recession, has been slow and painful — and the numbers cited by politicians and the media don't always tell the real story.

Thailand bans Thai-language film adaptation of 'Macbeth'

The banning of the film is the latest in a trend of censored criticism of the Thai monarchy as the country's king ages.

UPDATE: Missouri Senate budget plan spares education from cuts

A Senate committee agreed to follow the House's lead by keeping funding steady for public universities and providing a modest increase for public elementary and secondary schools. By agreeing with the House on both of those items, the Senate committee has essentially locked in those dollars.

Missouri Senate budget plan would maintain funding for public universities

While fewer state employees would get pay raises, the budget plan would hold funding flat for public universities, which goes against Gov. Jay Nixon's recommendation for cuts.