Mark Woodworth seeks release after judge's ruling

After Boone County Circuit Judge Gary Oxenhandler said Tuesday that Woodworth deserves a new trial, his lawyer asked the Missouri Supreme Court to release Woodworth on bail.


UPDATE: Judge urges new trial in 1990 Missouri farm death

Boone County Circuit Judge Gary Oxenhandler said prosecutors failed to turn over key evidence to the lawyers of Mark Woodworth, who was convicted of killing his Chillicothe neighbor in 1990.

Missouri House passes funding plan for veterans' homes

The measure would redirect casino fees that currently go to early childhood education to instead go to veterans' homes.

Missouri House endorses school bullying policies

If legislation is approved, districts would need to develop thorough procedures for reporting, investigating and responding to bullying. 

UPDATE: St. Louis might change weather rules for big tents

A tent collapsed at Kilroy's Sports Bar during severe weather warnings on Saturday, killing one man and injuring several more.

MU analysis says thinking about death could be good

A paper published this month by two MU researchers found that in the right context, thinking about death can make people more helpful and spur them to make healthy changes.

Missouri S&T engineering group to help villages in Latin America

Students in the school's chapter of Engineers Without Borders will make trips to communities in Bolivia, Honduras and Guatemala to help bring sanitation and drinking water systems.

St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City opens breast milk bank

The hospital is the 13th nonprofit milk bank to join the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.


Missouri House to debate expansion of elder abuse law

The expansion would criminalize taking advantage of someone 60 years or older for financial gain. It would also allow judges to order money meant for nursing home costs but stolen in such a situation sent to the home.

Court upholds Missouri home-care union election

The ruling is a culmination of a three-year campaign for workers to form a union after they were originally given the option under a 2008 ballot initiative.

Missouri House passes bill requiring time standards for yellow lights

The bill would require a minimum amount of time for yellow lights at intersections to make times more consistent across the state and prevent communities with red-light cameras from abusing yellow light timing.

20 years later, new information in I-70 killings

St. Charles police have released information on the gun model used in at least one of the shooting deaths of six people in Missouri, Indiana and Kansas in April and May of 1992. The killer has never been identified.

St. Louis might change tent policy after fatal collapse Saturday

One man died and about 100 people were injured when a bar's tent near Busch Stadium collapsed Saturday during a severe thunderstorm. The St. Louis public safety director said he plans to require evacuations from such tents during severe weather.