Jobs lost to recession trickle back, but wages lag

Job creation has been "consistently solid" adding "more than 100,000 jobs for eight months straight" while employers have also added "at least 100,000 jobs every month this year."

Missouri lawmakers back change on third-party filings

The new bill would make it easier for new political parties to form and gain support in Missouri.

Missouri House votes to reduce business taxes

Proponents of the measure believe lower taxes could encourage job growth in the state.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Least offensive way to ruin judge selection still a bad idea

Senate Joint Resolution 51 asks voters to change the part of the Missouri Constitution that limits political influence in the selection of judges for the state courts. Missouri senators should dig deep into their consciences and vote it down.

Oil drops below $100 for first time since February

Amidst economic worry over unemployment and less than projected job growth, the price of oil dropped below $100 per barrel for the first time in three months.

Breast cancer is rare in men, but they fare worse

While breast cancer in men is rare, studies show that survival rats fro the 1 in 1,00 men that are diagnosed with breast cancer are lower than those of their female counterparts.

Kansas City becomes destination for downtown school

Because of the elementary school's location, students at Crossroads Academy will have the opportunity to experience education in a more hands-on way.

Historians develop brochure of Civil War sites in southeast Missouri

The brochure was created to draw attention to the importance of a Civil War battle fought in New Madrid.

Northwest Missouri student raises money for Kashmir effort

Adil Abbas Sheikh promotes art in his home country of Kashmir where there are very few opportunities for artists to express themselves.

Nelly to headline St. Louis concert series

Eight artists will come to the Midwest in July for Fair St. Louis and the Celebrate St. Louis Summer Concert Series.

US, China forge tentative deal on Chinese activist

Legal activist Chen Guangcheng can apply for travel permits to study abroad in the U.S. after the U.S. and China outlined a deal Friday to end the diplomatic standoff over allowing Chen to travel to the U.S.