Key Penn State witness seeks whistle-blower suit

The Penn State football assistant whose report of Jerry Sandusky allegedly attacking a child in the showers led to Joe Paterno's firing said in a court filing Tuesday that he is suing the school.

Dealer describes human growth hormone shipment to Roger Clemens house

Kirk Radomski, who provided drugs to major league baseball players, took the stand Tuesday and described a shipment of human growth hormone he sent to Roger Clemens' house about a decade ago.

Gas prices probably won't set record this summer, government forecasts

The government slashed its forecast for average gas prices to $3.79 per gallon for the summer driving season.


In Greece, left-wing leader rejects austerity pledge

Greek left-wing politician Alexis Tsipras caused a stir Tuesday when he said Greece is no longer bound by its pledges to impose crippling cutbacks in return for rescue loans.


Athletes and anger: When the passion boils over

How can professionals get so upset that they harm themselves? Sports psychologists say it can happen in the high-pressure world of winning and losing, with people who identify themselves with their performance and, frankly, are supposed to be aggressive.