Missouri women's basketball team finishes signing 2012 recruiting class

The Missouri women's basketball team has added two new players, including a former Kansas State player, to its 2012-13 roster.

Gary Wayne Elder, Nov. 30, 1951 — May 7, 2012, of Ridgecrest, Calif.

Gary Wayne Elder, 60, of Ridgecrest, Calif. died on May 7, 2012.

Three neighborhoods in line for early snow removal

The pilot project requires that all vehicles be off the street before snowfalls of 4 inches or more.

Columbia man sentenced for possession of child pornography

Joseph Kreiser was sentenced to six years in prison on one count of possession of child pornography.

Cardinals reveal new plan for Ballpark Village

One part of the new plan would hold a Cardinals Hall of Fame and themed restaurant; the rest would house restaurants, bars and other entertainment around an open-air event space called Live Plaza.

Kansas City bishop's lawyers renew effort to dismiss charges

The lawyers filed motions last week arguing a state law that requires clergy and certain others to report any suspicions of child abuse is unconstitutionally vague.

From rubble to rebuilding: A year in Joplin

A year after the devastating tornado changed the face of Joplin and the lives of its residents, life is moving on, thanks to a tremendous rebuilding operation and the resiliency of the city's people.

JOPLIN THEN AND NOW: Photos show how the town has recovered in the last year

Photos show the progress made in the year after an EF5 tornado destroyed a large swath of the city and killed 161 people.

Passenger's suspicious note diverts jet to Maine

"At this time, there is no evidence that the plane or its passengers were ever in any actual danger," said Greg Comcowich,an FBI spokesman in Boston.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: During Joplin's long road back, government aid is key

The public and private sectors must continue working to complement each other to get Joplin on its feet.

Joplin breaks ground on schools year after tornado

Officials plunged shovels into the ground for a new elementary school Tuesday morning and will do the same for a middle school and new high school later.

Missouri man walks off sentence for drug possession

Jesse Tapia, 22, chose to walk around the Savannah, Mo., courthouse square for eight hours to take a marijuana possession charge off of his record.

Romney inches closer to GOP nomination with sweep

The former Massachusetts governor now needs fewer than 90 delegates to wrap up the Republican presidential nomination after victories in Kentucky and Arkansas. Texas' 152 delegates will be up for grabs next Tuesday.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Why do tornadoes teach us lessons but not floods?

The aftermath in Joplin reminds us of the devastation tornadoes can cause. A similar response is needed to last year's Missouri River flooding to avoid future devastation, though political forces and lingering apathy make such a response unlikely.

Cole County judge upholds wording of state tobacco tax ballot

Cole County Circuit Judge Dan Green ruled this week that the ballot measure's summary and cost estimate are fair and sufficient.

U.S. Census missed more than 1.5 million minority residents in 2010

An evaluation of the 2010 census revealed a net over-count of the U.S. population by 36,000 people, though minority groups, renters and young men were undercounted. The Midwest was shown to have a slight over-count by the report.

Mountain lion sightings in Missouri increase significantly in 2011

The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed 14 sightings of mountain lions in the state last year, outpacing the total from the previous 16 years combined. DNA tests show some of the lions came from the western U.S.

Senate panel approves airline security fee hike

Airline security fees could increase as much as $5 for some passengers if the House of Representatives approves the proposal.