SEC football coaches differ on league scheduling

With the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M, the Southeastern Conference is tweaking its football and basketball schedules. Football coaches are having a tougher time deciding on what changes to make than their basketball counterparts.

UPDATE: Missouri National Guard acknowledges four soldiers looted store in Joplin

The Missouri National Guard released memorandums revealing that three specialists and a sergeant took $776 worth of electronics from a Joplin Walmart during last year's tornado cleanup efforts.

Missouri legislature passes 114 bills and amendments during 2012 session

The session officially ended Wednesday, when leaders of the House and Senate signed the bills that passed, delivered them to the governor and banged the gavel for the final time.

Planting of cotton in southeast Missouri increases

A decrease in cotton prices and an increase in insect problems has led to a decrease in national cotton production. But planting in Missouri has actually increased.


Missouri governor to sign veterans home legislation

The legislation redirects casino fees that now benefit early childhood programs to a trust fund for the Missouri Veterans' Commission.

Date set to reintroduce rare beetle in Missouri

The St. Louis Zoo and its partners will reintroduce around 300 American burying beetles June 5 at Wah' Kon-Tah Prairie.

Missouri National Guard acknowledges 4 soldiers looted in Joplin

The National Guard said three specialists and a sergeant admitted taking electronics such as video games and a camera from a Walmart store.

Police identify 4 victims of Blue Springs murder-suicide

Police say the two young girls who died along with two adults at a Blue Springs duplex were shot to death.

Pilots report more incidents of lasers pointed at aircraft near Lambert Airport

A green light filled the cockpit of a Delta flight as it approached the St. Louis airport on Monday night.

St. Louis County passes copper theft bill

The new law requires any person selling scrap metal to present a valid identification, and dealers must keep a computer database of all transactions.

Special Olympics State Summer Games begin in Columbia

The Special Olympics State Summer Games opened Tuesday with track and field, bowling and opening ceremonies on Mel Carnahan Quadrangle. 

SEC coaches want football playoff to include best teams in country, not conferences

Football coaches from the powerhouse and recently expanded league were in unison Tuesday at the SEC meetings. They want a proposed four-team playoff to include the best teams in the country — and not be tied to conference champions.

Intersection improvements at Providence and Business Loop begin

GetAbout Columbia is funding the improvements to make the intersection safer for pedestrians and drivers.

City manager addresses mayor, city council in State of the City message

In the annual State of the City message on May 25 City Manager Mike Matthes discussed the growth of Columbia's economy and population.

Author to discuss EEZ, alternatives at Columbia library

Author and activist Greg LeRoy will speak about the Enhanced Enterprise Zone via webcam Thursday at the Columbia Public Library.

ROSE NOLEN: Today's history presents a more exciting view of the past

We can learn from history in more exciting ways than we used to. And sometimes, it is helpful to look over our shoulders and profit from past experiences.

GUEST COMMENTARY: EEZ: Scourge, savior or waste of time?

What effects will the zone have on businesses outside the zone or homeowners in the community? 

GENE ROBERTSON: Columbia intersection needs inspiring community space

The intersection at Broadway and Providence Road offers potential to become an inviting community space. Columbia should aim to add a mall or commons that create an inspiring ambiance.

Columbia resident dies in motorcycle accident on I-70

Donald Hawkins, 39, died Tuesday afternoon after colliding with median cables on the highway.

Shooting in Columbia park affects nearby neighborhood

A neighborhood Memorial Day picnic was disrupted by several shots in Albert-Oakland Park's parking lot.