Virgil Moore was a family man, World War II veteran

Mr. Moore survived for more than a year as a POW in Berlin before returning to Columbia and his high school sweetheart.

Conference commissioners to give football playoff options to BCS presidents

The conference commissioners who have been working on a four-team playoff to determine college football's national champion plan to present the BCS presidential oversight committee multiple formats from which to choose.

Cardinals' Chris Carpenter throws off mound first time since injury

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter took a step forward in rehabbing a shoulder injury that has sidelined him all season, throwing off a mound for the first time.

Humble veteran found humor in all situations

Gary Whitehead, formerly of Columbia and more recently of Hallsville, died Tuesday, June 12, 2012. He was 70.

Investigation into fire at Brookside on College continues

It is unknown when Columbia Fire investigators will finish the investigation, Battalion Chief Steven Sapp said.

Virgil Moore, Aug. 25, 1922 — June 12, 2012

Virgil R. Moore of Columbia died Tuesday, June 12, 2012. He was 89.

Gary Blaine Whitehead, Oct. 11, 1941 – June 12, 2012

Gary Blaine Whitehead died Thursday, June 12, 2012. He was 70 years old. 

FROM READERS: Columbia to host statewide Occupy conference

Occupy Missouri will host speakers and hold events in Columbia during the weekend of June 29. 

Rams running back Steven Jackson a world traveler in offseason

St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson is filling his offseason with exotic travel to South America and beyond.

Settlement reached in Missouri lawsuit about anti-abortion posters

Alliance Defense Fund filed the lawsuit in February against the Dixon School District after high school officials removed posters promoting the "Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity," but allowed posters for other student activities and expression.

Joplin Humane Society struggling to keep up

The shelter is operating at full capacity and they continue to try to aid families with pets even though donations and volunteers are dwindling.

Southern Baptists set to elect first black president

The election is a big step for a denomination that was formed out of a pre-Civil War split with northern Baptists over slavery and for much of the last century had a reputation for supporting segregation.

Chiefs backup tight end Martin Rucker placed on injured reserve, will need surgery

The Kansas City Chiefs have placed backup tight end Martin Rucker on injured reserve with a right knee injury that will require surgery.

Jailhouse Rock? Missouri prison selling karaoke discs

The Missouri Department of Corrections is selling karaoke discs that came with new karaoke machine.

Appeals court upholds Missouri prayer ballot measure

The proposed amendment will appear on the Aug. 7 statewide ballot.

Crossroads GPS amps up pressure on Sen. Claire McCaskill

Crossroads GPS, which has ties to Republican strategist Karl Rove, said it is spending $991,000 to run a two-week advertisement in Missouri that criticizes McCaskill's support for the 2009 stimulus law signed by President Barack Obama.

Barge worker dies trying to save stranded boaters near St. Louis

A boat with three adults and two children ran out of gas Tuesday and began taking on water. Two workers from a barge tried to help, but their boat capsized.

UPDATE: AmeriCorps expanding for Joplin recovery

AmeriCorps will be adding 150 corps members in Joplin over the next three years. Rebuild Joplin will recruit local residents for the new positions.

Jailhouse Rock? Jefferson City prison selling karaoke discs

The 20 country and rock music discs came with a machine bought for use as a portable public address system during religious ceremonies at the facility.

AmeriCorps expanding for Joplin recovery

The national service group AmeriCorps plans to boost its volunteer force helping Joplin rebuild from the deadly May 2011 tornado.