Faith and unity reign at this year's Juneteenth celebration

The annual Juneteenth celebration was held at Douglass Park on Saturday afternoon. The event continues Sunday.

Five Columbia churches came together at Douglass Park to celebrate Juneteenth, an event marking the end of slavery. The event will continue Sunday.

Boone County candidates give stump speeches at Hallsville festival

Candidates seeking re-election or vying for political office gave stump speeches Saturday at the Hallsville Heritage Days festival.

Animals in Missouri High School Rodeo Finals are athletes, too

Providing animals for rodeos isn't as simple as loading up cows in a semi and then driving to the event. Choosing which animals to send to each rodeo is a complicated process.

Harry Potter fans gather at Hickman for trivia fundraiser

More than 200 people gathered at Hickman High School for a Harry Potter trivia night on Friday. The ticket sales went toward The Eliminate Project, an effort between UNICEF and Kiwanis International to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus worldwide.

Families see bats fly at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Roxie Campbell, a park naturalist at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, said that she had never seen so many bats fly out of the caves during the park's bat program. 

LETTER: EEZ data in Missouri not verified

Columbia resident Linda Green feels the evidence in support of EEZs is scant and that their implementation in Columbia could lead to economic trouble.

Former MU employee enjoyed singing in her church choir

Thelma L. Halbert, of Frostproof, Fla., died June 7. She was 89.

Thelma L. Halbert, Jan. 25, 1923 — June 7, 2012, of Frostproof, Fla.

FROM READERS: Columbia's contra dance community

Krishna Fogle shares her experiences with contra dancing in mid-Missouri. 

Holliday's hitting sends Cardinals past Royals

Matt Holliday hit a home run and drove in five runs in St. Louis' 10-7 win over Kansas City on Saturday.

ANALYSIS: In many statehouses, GOP confronts dissension

Across the expanded Republican heartland, party leaders confronted the uncomfortable reality that it's easier to propose ideas than to act on them and that they may have run through most of the issues they agree on.

Is there a Dad Divide to go with the Mommy Wars?

Whether they say it out loud or acknowledge it at all, that work-home divide traditionally reserved for the Mommy Wars can also rear between dads — those who go off to the office every day and those in the trenches with the kids.

Tiny Missouri community welcomes horse slaughterhouse

Nearly half of the town's 150 residents packed a City Council meeting Wednesday in support of the proposed plant and the more than 50 jobs it could bring.

Thousands email Gov. Nixon about Missouri contraception bill

Nearly 5,000 online messages, emails and letters have been sent to Gov. Jay Nixon as he considers a bill saying no employer or health care provider has to provide coverage for contraception, sterilization or abortion.

While court decides, here's possible outcomes of health care law case and their effects

Although the legality of Obama's Affordable Care Act can be a tricky issue to understand, it all boils down to a handful of possible scenarios that could come from the Supreme Court's ruling on the issue. 


Phantom cow hides near Bonner Springs golf course

A cow who survived a crash on Interstate 70 is now living at the Sunflower Hills Golf Course in Bonner Springs, Kan. But Bessie, the cow, can't be caught.

St. Louis police officer caught in disability maze

Officer Phil Menendez suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after suffering a severe electrical shock in the field. He's caught in pension purgatory as the Police Department won't let him work, and the pension board won't let him retire on disability.