With Alzheimer's, hospital stays can be a hazard

Being hospitalized seems to increase the chances of Alzheimer's patients moving into a nursing home — or even dying — within the next year. The risk is higher if those patients experience what's called delirium, a state of extra confusion and agitation, during their stay.


St. Louisan who won Nobel prize dies at 95

William S. Knowles died June 13. He was 95. He and two other scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for work that led to discoveries now used to make various medicines, including antibiotics, heart drugs and widely used treatment for Parkinson's disease.

Lincoln University approves contract to replace roof

The university's governing board signed off on a $214,000 contract that calls for using a new rubber roofing system at the library.


Trial set for man accused in Auburn tree poisoning

The Alabama fan accused of poisoning two oak trees that have been staging points for decades of celebrations at rival Auburn is about to go on trial.

Roger Clemens acquitted on all charges

Clemens was accused of perjury, making false statements and obstructing Congress when he testified at a deposition and at a nationally-televised hearing in February 2008.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Middle class was collateral damage when housing bomb burst

American families earning the median household income had two decades' worth of prosperity wiped out between 2007 and 2010.

TOP HEADLINES: European crisis takes center stage at G-20 summit

Among today's top stories, European leaders struggled to show they were on the path to solving their continent's economic crisis.

State pension shortfalls have ballooned, Pew study finds

Because of the recession, states diverted money from their pension plans to pay for more immediate concerns. According to a report released Monday, states now owe public retirement funds $757 billion.

Judge rejects state's objections in Woodworth case

Mark Woodworth was convicted twice in the 1990 shooting death of his neighbor, Cathy Robertson. He's serving a life sentence.