UPDATE: Missouri prosecutors stay quiet on death penalty study

The two-year ABA study, released earlier this year, sent out surveys to several groups involved but did not receive many response from the prosecutors who decide whether to seek the death penalty in the first place.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Feds need to do more to rein in for-profit colleges

The Education Department needs to do its homework and perform a statistical analysis that offers a reasonable basis for cutting off funding to poorly performing for-profit schools.

Missouri prosecutors stay quiet in death penalty review

American Bar Association surveys on the death penalty sent to prosecutors in Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Kansas City and Springfield went unanswered.

Death toll from heat reaches 18 in St. Louis area

Four more deaths were confirmed Wednesday in the city, two 43-year-old men, and two in their 70s.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon should veto contraception bill

There are multiples reasons Gov. Jay Nixon should veto a bill on his desk that would limit insurance benefits for contraceptive coverage.

With mixed results, many year-round schools revert to traditional calendar

Research on the success of year-round schools has been mixed, and many school districts have gone back to traditional calendars.

Michael Johnson hoists Olympic torch at Stonehenge

American track star Michael Johnson brought the Olympic flame to Stonehenge on Thursday, holding the torch aloft as the sun's rays ricocheted off the glowing stones.

Just weeks away, London Olympics facing security, phone problems

London has been facing problems including a mobile phone outage, damaged roads and security concerns with the Olympics just two weeks away.

Lawmakers furious over China-made Olympic uniforms

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters at her weekly news conference that she's proud of the nation's Olympic athletes, but "they should be wearing uniforms that are made in America."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Highway bill full of potholes

Congress recently passed a bill that would continue funding U.S. highway projects for two more years, but the law might have problems that will cost the nation much more.

Man convicted of sex crimes 27 years later

A St. Louis jury on Wednesday deliberated for just one hour before convicting 55-year-old Johnnie Moore on two counts each of forcible rape and sodomy for separate attacks on teenage girls in 1985.

St. Louis treasurer candidate has 4 unpaid parking tickets

Brian Wahby, who is chairman of the city's Democratic Party, said he gets and pays a lot of tickets. Five of the seven treasurer candidates have been assessed late fees for tickets.

Paramedics turn to expired drugs due to shortages

Nationwide drug shortages have forced medical professionals to use expired drugs, dilute drugs or use drugs with negative side effects.

Cardinals following similar path as last season

Once again, St. Louis is 6 games above .500 at the break.


Texas A&M unveils new uniforms

Aggies join the trend of updating their uniforms for the upcoming season.

Gov. Nixon vetoes Missouri vehicle sales tax legislation

Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed legislation allowing Missouri communities to resume levying sales taxes on vehicle purchases despite a lobbying effort from local officials and vehicle dealers.