Nixon wrapping up action on Missouri legislation

Only one bill remains on the governor's desk — a broad measure dealing with the judiciary and reducing the disparity in prison sentences between people convicted of crack and powder cocaine crimes.

Law changing sentencing for crack cocaine will go into effect without signature

Gov. Nixon signed measures Friday that require periodic reviews of state regulations and that repeal old programs. Another bill passed, without Nixon's signature, that modifies the sentencing for the producing, distributing and possessing of cocaine.

Dogs, dead people get election docs from nonprofit

The Voter Participation Center acknowledges that the databases it uses to contact voters are imperfect. However, some view the mailings as a way to fish for votes.

Solar storm barreling toward Earth this weekend

Stormy solar weather is predicted for the next few days, but experts say it shouldn't cause any problems.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Process works despite politics, personalities

When it comes to summarizing ballot initiatives, should a nonpartisan or bipartisan entity be in charge?

Nixon signs changes to Missouri election laws

The measure eliminates the option of holding June elections and says February elections can only be used for bond issues.

Missouri audit faults billing for new telephone system

The state lost out on nearly $1.3 million because of how the Office of Administration has billed for a new telephone system.