Plouffe homers twice, Twins beat Royals 10-8

With one run already across in the sixth, Josh Willingham hit a three-run homer to tie the game at 5. Two batters later, Trevor Plouffe hit a solo shot for his second of the day.

FROM READERS: Hot, hotter, hottest

Photographer John Hall beats the heat with photographs from around his yard.

CoMo You Know: University of Missouri Press

The University of Missouri Press, which was established in 1958, will be phased out this year due to a budget deficit.

Harvard Business Review: Realities no longer match dreams

Our unpredictable future has left us without a plan for how to achieve our goals.

Is the battle over health care stunting the American Dream?

Debates about America's health care are impeding America's innovation in the field.

Getting off the sofa and into the workforce

Is the hesitance to travel to find jobs linked to students defining themselves as less hardworking and more entitled than previous generations?

Esquire: The war against youth

Esquire explores some of the hardships faced by young Americans in a must-read story titled "The war against youth."

Small businesses' slow recovery could mean trouble for small towns

Small business has seen slow recovery in Fulton, Mo., as seen in many small towns across the country.

Assisted-living communities swell in Columbia while demand rises nationwide

Colony Pointe, a new assisted-living center, opened May 29 on Chapel Hill Road. Columbia has 16 facilities that offer assisted living, residential, intermediate and skilled nursing care. Demand for such services is increasing with the growing older population.

Berry Kelly worked for justice, equality

Berry Kelly worked for justice and equality, trying to extend the same basic rights to young adults he wasn't afforded as a child.

College of the Ozarks, Point Lookout

College of the Ozarks allows students to work for the university in lieu of paying tuition. Students explain how they feel the program benefits them.


Eugene 'EZ' Lacy, 22, St. Louis

"If you think you're succeeding, that's when you slack and you drop off the map," Eugene "EZ" Lacy says. It's active striving that is Lacy's American Dream. "Doing anything you want to be successful in," he says.

St. Charles West High School and socioeconomics

Many teachers said they had at least one student in their classes who is homeless. They also said many of their students would rather go hungry than let their classmates know that they receive free or reduced-price lunches.

Crystal Lain, 27, Hannibal

"It is a hard time in our society right now… with people living above their means… so many people needing assistance," Crystal Lain said. "It's a tough time right now but we're gonna make it happen. We're gonna get past this hump."

Colleges get competitive with pricing, shorter degree programs

Colleges are offering a variety of cost-cutting incentives to lure in prospective students, but tactics such as freezing tuition and offering graduation guarantees can have negative impacts for students.

Financial strain contributes to college drop-out rates

With student loan debt in the United States exceeding consumer credit card debt for the first time in history, the decision of whether to go to — or stay in — college becomes a cost-benefit analysis.

Mapping access: The digital divide

Access to digital technology and wireless internet is stratified along economic lines.

Young adults and the declining birth rate

If we look beyond the here and now, what are the long-term ripple effects of the birth-rate decline?

'Boomerang kids' feed trend toward more multi-generational households

Tough economic times are changing the face of the traditional American household, and a recent Pew Research Center study found that the number of Americans living in multi-generational households jumped 10.5 percent from 2007 to 2009.