Missouri officials say stress, heat contributing to elk deaths

Officials say stress, heat and drought appear to have contributed to the deaths of several elk recently relocated to Missouri.

St. Louis County to seek death penalty for Bowman

The St. Louis County prosecutor says he'll seek the death penalty again for a man whose previous capital sentence was overturned last year by the Missouri Supreme Court.

Missouri native Sowers confirmed for VA position

Missouri native Tommy Sowers has won confirmation to a top spot in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

For Missouri man, boots are way of life

Danny Richardson's porch gives passersby pause. If weather permits, he would line up his boot collection along his porch railing and waits for potential buyers.

UPDATE: Cantwell reaches finals for men's shot-put in London

Christian Cantwell will move onto the finals of the men's shot-put this afternoon in London. 

VOTERS GUIDE: Get up to speed on Boone County candidates positions on issues

Those running for county offices and local legislative seats have offered their stances on a variety of challenges and issues facing county and state government.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for lieutenant governor

Three Republicans are challenging incumbent Peter Kinder in the primary, while the Democrats have a crowded field with eight candidates.


VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for Boone County public administrator

The Boone County public administrator provides for the proper care of the person and protects the assets of an estate against injury, waste, theft or loss.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for Missouri treasurer

Each candidate gives different reasons for why he hopes to fill the position.


VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for secretary of state

Missouri’s Secretary of State is Democrat Robin Carnahan, who is not seeking re-election.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for state attorney general

The attorney general is Missouri's chief legal officer and is in charge of representing the state in legal challenges.

VOTERS GUIDE: Proposed amendment seeks to secure right to pray in schools

House Joint Resolution No. 2, if approved, would repeal Section 5 of Article I in the Missouri Constitution and secure children's rights to pray in schools.

VOTERS GUIDE: Unopposed candidates for county offices

Several Boone County candidates are running unopposed in the primary.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for the 19th District state Senate seat

The 19th Senate district comprises all of Boone and Cooper counties, with a population of about 180,250.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for the 4th District U.S. House seat

With redistricting Boone County is now in the congressional 4th District, where the incumbent is Rep. Vicky Hartzler. Previously, Boone County was in the 9th District and represented by Rep. Blaine Luektemeyer.


VOTERS GUIDE: Missouri gubernatorial candidates

There are eight gubernatorial candidates, and incumbent Gov. Jay Nixon faces two Democratic challengers in the primary.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for Boone County Commission

The Boone County Commission is an elected three-member governing body with a Southern District, a Northern District and a presiding commissioner.

VOTERS GUIDE: Missouri candidates for U.S. Senate

Eight Republicans are vying for the chance to challenge Sen. Clair McCaskill in November.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for Missouri House of Representatives

After the November general election, Boone County will be represented by five House districts whose boundaries were drawn during reapportionment after the 2010 census.

VOTERS GUIDE: Candidates for Boone County party central committees

The committees are intended to be represented by a man and woman from each political ward and township in the county.