Former Columbia Independent School teacher appointed next head of school

Adam Dubé has been appointed the next head of the school of Columbia Independent School. Dubé formerly taught at the school. He currently works in Vail, Colo.


FROM READERS: A nearly photo less weekend

FROM READERS: Where to celebrate Thanksgiving in Columbia

Looking for places to go on Thanksgiving? Here's a list of places that are open on Thanksgiving Day.

FROM READERS: A perspective from an Arkansas native, Mizzou student

When MU joined the SEC conference, Arkansas-native and MU student Whitney Sommers had to decide where her allegiances lay. She is now a member of Frank Haith’s staff and says it’s all about Haith and the Tigers.

Maryland leaving ACC to join Big Ten in 2014

Officials involved in the decision decided that the potential money to be made in the Big Ten was more significant than the tradition associated with belonging to the same conference for 59 years.

Marine Corps forms new fighter jet squadron

The Marines are the first in the military taking the steps toward putting the F-35B in operation. Critics have suggested that the Defense Department rushed into developing the jet.

Cellphone providers take steps to deter thefts

The anti-theft effort includes the introduction of databases meant to block stolen phones from being used on domestic networks.

Even apes have 'midlife crises,' study finds

Study shows the human tendency toward midlife discontent may have been passed on through evolution, rather than resulting simply from the hassles of modern life, the researcher said.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: FDA needs teeth to regulate drug compounders

Congress should stop pointing fingers and write the sort of laws that will make it clear the FDA has authority over every step of the making of compounded drugs.