Columbia College volleyball wins first match of pool play at NAIA Tournament

The Cougars beat Carroll College 25-24, 25-15, 25-21.

WORLD NEWS IN BRIEF: U.S. relies on Egyptian leader for Mideast security

Today's top stories from The Associated Press include U.S. concern over Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's commitment to democracy, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu chances to win re-election and a record Powerball jackpot.

Senators ask Obama to protect Mississippi River water level

Senators from Mississippi River states are seeking an emergency directive that would increase the flow of water from an upper Missouri River dam and expedite removal of rock formations in the middle Mississippi River that impede barge traffic during periods of low water.


Tax breaks atop 2013 agenda in Missouri Senate

The specifics remain to be finalized but could include income tax cuts for individuals, small businesses or corporations.

US economy gets lift from consumers, businesses

New data says consumer confidence is on the rise and businesses are investing more, suggesting that the economy is on the uptick as the holiday shopping season begins.

A big disconnect between Republicans, Democrats as 'fiscal cliff' clock ticks

As automatic tax increases and spending cuts, set to be triggered at the end of the year, loom large, the two parties show little indication that they will be able to reach a deal soon.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Shell game reduces transparency in lobbyist gift giving

When the lobbyist who represents other lobbyists suggests something might be illegal, don’t do it.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Don't cut our children out of the budget

Exit polls on Election Day made it clear: A clear majority of voters agree that the richest Americans need to pay higher taxes.


Springfield zoo has 3rd giraffe birth in 3 months

Another giraffe is expected to give birth in January.

3 Missouri parks to close for special deer hunt

The parks will be closed that weekend to everyone except hunters who applied during the summer for special permits.

Cleanup of closed Missouri nuclear fuel plant ongoing

Westinghouse Electric Co. is shipping contaminated soil and waste from the plant site in Jefferson County to a landfill in Idaho that accepts low-level radioactive material.

Report: U.S. law could increase Missouri Medicaid costs

The report by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Urban Institute said Missouri can expect to spend an additional $1.2 billion from 2013 to 2022 as more people join the Medicaid rolls because of the federal health care law.

Overland care center for people with developmental disabilities closes

It is part of the state effort to move residents into smaller, community-based homes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Low prices can have high costs

The deadly fire, which killed at least 112 people outside of the capital city of Dhaka, has implications for U.S. companies.