Lee students hula hoop for 12/12/12

Hulagan members help children in Adventure Club learn how to do tricks with a hula hoop Wednesday at Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School. Hulagans came to the school to celebrate "12/12/12," a circular date, while also performing and helping the children decorate their own hula hoops

A local hula hoop group, The Hulagans, showed Lee Elementary students the tricks to hooping at Lee's Adventure Club on Wednesday.

REDI board votes to end effort for Columbia EEZs

The Regional Economic Development Inc. Board of Directors voted Wednesday to ask the Columbia City Council to rescind an ordinance that established the Enhanced Enterprise Zone Advisory Board.

Common Core standards set the stage for new state accountability tests

Tests at the classroom, district and state level in Columbia Public Schools will have to accommodate new academic standards and the skills-based, critical-thinking focus of Common Core.

Rock Bridge senior takes cooking classes, starts catering business

After taking the Culinary Arts program at the Columbia Area Career Center, Dahnya Rogers, 18, wants to pursue a career in the culinary field.

City looks to experiment with energy efficient, accessible home

The Department of Community Development showed off its plans for a new type of energy efficient and universally designed home Wednesday night.

'Fiscal cliff' proposals could hurt Columbia charities

As part of negotiations aimed at preventing the nation from going off the "fiscal cliff," some Democrats and Republicans have proposed raising tax revenue from the wealthy by capping some tax deductions — including ones for charitable giving.


Students learn lessons the hard way about Adderall use

Using attention-deficit drugs without a prescription is creating problems for students who take them casually for academic performance.

MU's film studies program continues to grow as popular major

Although it has only been two years since film studies became a major at MU, the program has been successful, with 78 students declaring themselves film studies majors.

J. KARL MILLER: Take time out from agitation

We should enjoy and appreciate the rest of 2012 rather than "dwell morosely on dashed election hopes."


DAVID ROSMAN: Why does someone serve in elective office?

Two local decisions to leave office and one to pursue re-election call into focus a question central to the person who seeks political office: "Who will you serve?"

Twins on Missouri swim team plan to stick together

After separating last year to swim for different colleges, sophomores Danielle and Kellie Barbiea are back together on the Missouri women’s swimming and diving team.

Missouri businesses offer holiday gifts

AgriMissouri provides options for festive and simple gift ideas — all made in Missouri. 

MU, Stephens College and Columbia College to hold December commencement ceremonies

MU will award 2,352 degrees at its December commencement ceremonies. Columbia College will award degrees to 326 graduates. Stephens College's commencement ceremony will award 69 students with degrees.

International Space Station will cross Columbia sky Wednesday evening

The International Space Station is expected to fly through Columbia's sky just before 6:30 on Wednesday evening.

Columbia reverend puts spin on December services with Christmas movies

Swope uses Christmas movies to deliver a spiritual message to people who attend services in his "Christmas at the Movies" series.

Woman reports weekend sexual assault at bar

A man sexually assaulted a woman over the weekend in the parking lot of the Whiskey Wild Saloon, Columbia police said.

Medical professor gains better understanding of life through husband's struggles

Debra Oliver, a professor at MU's School of Medicine, found herself caught in irony when her research on end of life and care giving became her own reality.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Close tax loopholes for corporations

Officials of both parties in Washington should come together to close the corporate tax loopholes first to avoid shifting the tax burden to the rest of the country.

Mickie Jenkins March 7, 1924 - November 23, 2012

Mickie Jenkins contributed time, service to Columbia

Mickie Jenkins worked as realtor for Mendenhall Realty, in Columbia Public Schools and at Buchroeder Jewelers.