UM System continues to oppose release of education course outlines

The National Council on Teacher Quality is trying to force the university, citing the state's open records law, to release copies of course syllabuses as part of its nationwide effort to monitor what aspiring teachers learn at college.

Christmas trees cleared out of Optimists, other lots

Pre-cut trees have sold out at several places around Columbia, including the Downtown Optimists Club lot.

Students don't benefit from early decision policies

In an ideal world, colleges would either eradicate early decision or make the acceptance rates equal, regardless of when students apply.

Newtown plans burials as school's future debated

Across the country, vigilance was high. In an effort to ensure student safety and calm parents' nerves, districts asked police departments to increase patrols and have sent messages to parents outlining safety plans they assured them are regularly reviewed and rehearsed.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Traffic counts for Columbia reveal useful information

Traffic counts for roads managed by the City of Columbia are useful in identifying the quietest neighborhoods for purchasing a home and good locations for starting a business.

Rock blasting set on drought-plagued Mississippi River

MU opposes release of education course outlines

Lawyers for the two sides appeared in court Monday for a hearing on a request by the teacher watchdog group for an immediate ruling.

Missouri electors meet at Capitol for presidential vote

Ten people chosen by their fellow Republican are gathering Monday at the Missouri Capitol to cast the state's Electoral College vote for president.

Corps to drain water from lake to aid Mississippi River

Rock formations near Thebes, Ill., will begin to pose a threat to navigation on the Mississippi River if additional water isn't provided.