For now, excavating trumps blasting on Mississippi River

The Army Corps of Engineers is delaying the use of explosives to remove rock pinnacles on the Mississippi River. The water level on the river is so low south of St. Louis that barge traffic is threatened.

Continued growth forecast for Missouri revenues

Economists and budget officials for the legislative and executive branches have agreed on a projection of 3.1 percent growth in state revenues for the upcoming budget year.

As 'fiscal cliff' negotiations continue, Boehner offers 'plan B'

As President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner pushed to reach a broad deal to avert the "fiscal cliff," Boehner offered a "plan B" that would cancel tax increases for everyone earning $1 million or less.

Software industry braces for new online privacy rules for children

The software industry is bracing for new regulations that the Federal Trade Commission will announce Wednesday to update rules for collecting personal information from children.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: National commission must address gun violence

A national commission can and should focus the spotlight on those who profit from America’s gun culture.

Swift ruling expected in appeal of Allen verdict

George Allen Jr. spent nearly three decades in prison for the 1982 death of Mary Bell but has been free since mid-November after a judge's ruling. Attorney General Chris Koster is challenging the ruling before the Missouri Court of Appeals.

3 new leaders named for Missouri House budget panels

The three new committee leaders are Reps. Sue Allen and Marsha Haefner, of the St. Louis area, and Rep. Craig Redmon of Canton.