Storm threatens streak of snowless days in Columbia

As much as a half-inch of snow is forecast in Columbia from a winter storm affecting the Midwest.


For busy pet owners, Dog Daze gives canines exercise, training

Owners can take their dogs to the cage-free facility before they head to work and pick them up afterward.

DAVID ROSMAN: Holidays should be about peace, love and joy

Pundits who say the Newtown shootings occurred because of a lack of religion are masking the problem. Why blame atheists and secular humanists for the action of one man who may have had a mental defect and easy access to guns?

Mizzou Alternative Spring Break offers its first winter service trips

For the first time, the alternative spring break program at MU is dispatching three volunteer groups during winter break.

J. KARL MILLER: Tolerance should be part of the spirit of Christmas

I really don't believe there is an all-out "War on Christmas" any more than I believe in a Republican "War on Women." What I do see, though, is a deplorable lack of tolerance for the beliefs of others.

Tibaldi an important cog for Missouri men's basketball team

Bryan Tibaldi, the video coordinator for the Tigers, is an important part of the team's operation.

Jo Dozier, Jan. 31, 1941 — Dec. 19, 2012, of Columbia

Mrs. Dozier worked for Shelter Insurance for 30 years.


Ellen Kackley, 62, enjoyed volunteering, golf and family

Ellen Kackley of Columbia died Saturday, Dec. 15. She was 62 years old.

Grand jury issues indictment in shooting death of teen

A Boone County grand jury indicted Anthony Graves on Friday on suspicion of second-degree murder with an alternative charge of felony murder because DeAudre Johnson allegedly died as a result of Graves committing the felony of unlawful use of a weapon.

Jo Dozier, Jan. 31, 1941 — Dec. 19, 2012, of Columbia

Jo Dozier worked for Shelter Insurance for 30 years.

UPDATE: Obama sets January deadline for gun control proposals

The president, who exerted little political capital on gun control during his first term, also pressed Congress to reinstate an assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. He also called for stricter background checks for people who seek to purchase weapons and limited high capacity clips.

City improves access at several Columbia bus stops

Minor changes at several city bus stops will make it easier for people who use wheelchairs and people with other disabilities to get on city buses.

Centralia man arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct, drug distribution to a minor

A Centralia man has been arrested on suspicion of multiple felony accounts, including drug distribution to a minor and sexual misconduct with a child. 

FROM READERS: When will the first snow hit Columbia?

In trying to forecast when snow would first hit the city, Missourian reader Andrew Gibson created this graphic, which shows when Columbia saw its first snowfall each year since 2000.

Missouri Supreme Court asked to strike down animal shelter fee

Animal advocates say fees of as much as $2,500 a year are causing "financial stress" for nonprofit shelters and diverting money that could be used to care for homeless dogs and cats.

Low water good for some wildlife, bad for others

The drought has left the middle Mississippi River near record lows. The impact on wildlife varies greatly, driving some fish out of normally safe areas but allowing some animals to thrive along sandbars and side channels exposed by the low water level.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Compelling tales draw visitors to prison tours

The attraction of the prison tours is more about the captivating stories told by the guides than about the building itself.

4-year-old Kansas City boy killed in apparent gang dispute

Police said the boy was sitting in a car with his father and two other men when shots were fired on Saturday night.

Reforestation seen as solution for Hinkson Creek

The pilot project would divert rainwater from Hinkson Creek into the field targeted for reforestation that would act as a natural filtration system, preventing pollutants from entering the creek and reducing the amount of water flowing into the stream.

Missouri women's basketball surges past Morgan State

Missouri settled down after a rough first half to secure a 75-50 win over the Bears to give the Tigers their sixth straight victory.