Columbia Facebook page dedicated to 26 acts of kindness

As of noon Friday, 26 Acts of Kindness, Columbia MO had about 480 likes.

DEAR READER: Newtown overwhelmed by outpouring of support

On behalf of city officials, the editor of The Newtown Bee asks that the donations of physical goods be directed to local agencies in memory of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary. A fund is set up for monetary donations.

Bell eager for game in LA with Missouri men's basketball team

Transfer Keion Bell used to lose to UCLA with Pepperdine. Now that he plays for the No. 7-ranked Tigers, he is hoping for better results Friday in Los Angeles.

Teacher elected to state House denied leave of absence

Republican Bryan Spencer said the Francis Howell school board is playing political games.

Missouri women's basketball faces first true road game at Memphis

After an 11-2 start to the season, the Missouri women's basketball team enters a difficult stretch in its schedule, beginning on Saturday, when it plays its first true road game at Memphis.

Robert Paul Henry, of Oro Valley, Ariz., Dec. 29, 1934 to Dec. 18, 2012

Robert Paul Henry died Dec. 18, 2012, at his home in Oro Valley, AZ.

Robert P. Henry, 77, professional polygraphist, loved to travel

From 1956 to 1960, Robert Paul Henry served in the Columbia Police Department.

Putin bans American adoptions of Russian children

Critics say the move plays orphans as political pawns.

Newtown, Conn., shooting sadly familiar for Missouri teacher

Jamie Berry, now a teacher at Cameron Middle School, was a student in 1998 when two teens killed four students and a teacher and wounded 10 others. The recent mass murder at Newtown, Conn., have stirred those painful memories. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Violations of open government continue

Violations continue and there is little or no enforcement of sunshine laws, and when there is a conviction the penalties don't even amount to a slap on the wrist.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Facing the mortgage cliff

If the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 expires at the end of the year, homeowners will have to pay taxes debt reduction in a loan modification or short sale.

World markets decline as U.S. nears fiscal cliff

Political budget compromise before New Year's deadline appears unlikely.

School-based food banks increase across St. Louis

The poor economy of the past few years has had schools searching for ways to keep their students fed.

Frederick Hawthorne wins National Medal of Science

M. Frederick Hawthorne is the director of MU's International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine and was recently awarded the highest honor the government can grant to scientists, engineers and inventors.

Neighborhood Response Team coordinator sees increase in code compliance

Bill Cantin works with Columbia residents to boost neighborhood pride and improve conditions.

Mary Jane Lang Grundler was an MU professor, staunch advocate of excellence

Mary Jane Lang Grundler died Tuesday at 93. Dr. Grundler taught business education and excellence.

UPDATE: Obama invites congressional leaders to cliff talk

President Barack Obama returned early from a Hawaiian vacation while lawmakers snarled across a partisan divide, leaders in each party blaming the other for an episode of government gridlock that threatens the economy with a new recession.

A decorated World War II veteran, Claude Barton was thoughtful, disciplined

The decorated war veteran gave 31 years of service to the the military. He led troops through the Pacific during World War II and served as security division chief of the then-newly formed Central Intelligence Group (now the CIA), director of security in the Office of Secretary of Defense and eventually as a chief of security in a division at the Pentagon.

Columbia residents share their 2012 highlights

Solitude, friends, families, soul mates create meaningful moments for readers in 2012.

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park to host New Year's Day hikes

First Day Hikes is an opportunity for people to start the new year by visiting state parks throughout the nation, and guides at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park are planning 10 hikes with five different routes this year.