LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columbia needs downtown grocery store

Columbia's downtown population has been growing rapidly and is expected to continue that trend. With so many people living in the area, the district could benefit from having a grocery store nearby.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mayor McDavid needs to be honest about bus plans

Mayor Bob McDavid needs to answer the hard questions. The city needs to fix what is broken in Columbia instead of looking at bus programs in Lawrence, Kan., and Ames, Iowa.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columbia residents should be thankful for Hoppe

Barbara Hoppe has been a careful advocate of neighborhoods and individual rights while at the same time realizing that healthy businesses are at the heart of our success.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Speculation of gender bias gives MU a bad reputation

The media has primed society’s way of thinking, giving men the upper hand of power and women the ritualization of subordination.

Tiger wrestlers start strong at NCAA tournament

Seven of the 10 Missouri wrestlers to earn a bid are still wrestling after the first day of the NCAA tournament, and No. 6 seed Brent Haynes is in contention for a national championship.

Parks and Recreation Commission discusses improvements, new projects for 2012 master plan

At a Thursday meeting, the Parks and Recreation Commission discussed additions to the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. The 2002 Master Plan expired this year and it must be rewritten and revised. 

School board forum touches on teachers' salaries, tenure

The four school board candidates gathered at Paxton Keeley Elementary School on Thursday to talk about issues they might face if elected.

Second Ward residents ask for street repairs, safer routes from leftover snow removal funds

Residents of the Second Ward attended a meeting held by the Public Works Department to discuss what could be done with a surplus from the city's snow-removal budget.

Warm weather, new training facility help Rock Bridge baseball team prepare for season opener

 The Bruins have been taking advantage of nice weather to scrimmage outdoors over the past weeks, a luxury that inclement weather has denied them in the past.


A crowd gathered Thursday on MU's campus to hear Ron Paul speak

At noon Thursday, people gathered at MU's Mel Carnahan Quadrangle to listen to a speech by Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. 

Soon-to-be Columbia kindergartners draw how they picture school

At Mill Creek Elementary School's kindergarten registration, 4- and 5-year-olds drew pictures of what they thought they would do once they started school in the fall. 

WORLD NEWS IN BRIEF: Syrians holds pro-government rallies; Swiss crash victims identified

In Cuba,  dissidents vowed to continue their two-day occupation of a Havana church. The Syrian government postponed the observance of Arab Teacher Day to make it easier to bus state employees and students to pro-government rallies, and some Iranian banks were blocked from doing international bank transfers. Also, relatives visited the bus crash site in Switzerland where schoolchildren and adults died.

Cuban dissidents vow to stay in church

A group of 13 Cuban dissidents who have occupied a Havana church for two days are no longer demanding an audience with Pope Benedict XVI when he visits this month, but they ask that the Pope mediate their grievances with the Cuban government.

Relatives identify bodies of family members killed in Swiss bus crash

Families went to the morgue near the Swiss town of Sion to identify their relatives killed in a Tuesday's crash. Twenty-two schoolchildren and six adults were killed. Investigations are under way to determine how a modern bus with two rested drivers and a tunnel considered safe could result in one of the deadliest highway crashes in Swiss history.

Internal competition strengthens Missouri gymnastics team

Internal competition among the team during practice has helped team members stay focused and sharp on their routines.

Iran isolated from global financial system

Western countries imposed new sanctions on Iran by blocking 30 of the country's banks from making international transfers. These measures may make it more difficult for Iran to sell oil because a single tanker can hold $100 million of oil and electronic transfers are crucial to the sale.

Syrian government holds rallies, demonstrates public support on uprising anniversary

Arab National Teacher Day was postponed one week to allow for transportation of state employees and students to the rallies. This demonstration of support for the government was orchestrated to overshadow the opposition.

Analysis: As Afghanistan mirrors Iraq, Obama sees reasons to leave

Both President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron said NATO forces would begin handing over the lead combat role to Afghan forces next year in order to meet the planned 2014 withdrawal date.

Teachers pensions face upheavel in underfunding

As retiring baby boomer teachers retire, states find their pensions to be severely underfunded. Many state governors look at different solutions, such as raising the retirement age.

James Cameron, others to explore the real abyss

Director James Cameron is set to explore the deepest trench in the ocean. Cameron recently set the record for the deepest solo sub dive.