School lunches to have more veggies, whole grains

First lady Michelle Obama announced new nutritional guidelines for school lunches Wednesday. The guidelines will limit the total number of calories in an individual meal, and lunches will come with more whole grains and a wider selection of fruits and vegetables.

Missouri House endorses bill on state regulations

Missouri House members endorsed a bill that would require state agencies to review rules and regulations and determine whether a rule is actually necessary.

Missouri leads nation in black homicide rate

According to FBI data released by the Violence Policy Center, Missouri's black homicide rate was seven times higher than the national overall homicide rate in 2009.

Missouri senator wants texting ban as secondary offense

A bill discussed Wednesday would prohibit drivers of all ages from texting while driving, but police would have to pull motorists over for a separate violation before they could write a ticket for texting.

Retired manager La Russa to manage NL All-Stars

This will be his sixth appearance as an All-Star team manager. The game will be played July 10 in Kansas City.

New first-time farming loan guarantees available in Missouri

The new loans are part of the state's Linked Deposit Program, designed to give farms and small businesses low-interest loans.

Missouri's Amtrak passenger train service causing debt to federal government

MoDot officials predict train, which runs between St. Louis and Kansas City, will owe Amtrak $2.9 million by the end of the next fiscal year.

Obama, GOP candidates offer campaign preview

In a campaign-style appearance in Iowa, President Barack Obama said Congress should approve a tax increase for anyone whose income exceeds $1 million a year.

Islamists, liberals square off in Egypt's Tahrir Square

Cairo's Tahrir Square was transformed into the focal point of the rivalry between revolutionary activists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Aid worker rescued by Navy Seals described as devout, driven

Jessica Buchanan, 32, was rescued along with Poul Hagen Thisted, a 60-year-old Dane. The two were working with a demining unit when gunmen kidnapped them in October.

Ohio orangutan is first to receive implanted birth control device

The Bornean orangutan is the first animal of its kind in North America to receive the contraceptive. The device was intended for human use.

Suspect in Ohio Craigslist case pleads not guilty

An attorney for Richard Beasley, 52, entered the plea Wednesday. Beasley is accused of three men and wounding a fourth after luring them with a Craiglist job advertisement.

UM System curator nominees face possible withdrawal from consideration

The nominations of two Missouri curators appear in jeopardy as Gov. Jay Nixon attempts to withdraw their names from consideration.

Under Haith, Missouri men's basketball team focuses on preparation

Missouri coach Frank Haith stays an educator and will use the Tigers' No. 2 ranking as chance to teach his team how to handle praise.

State of the Union: American dream in peril, fast action needed

Restoring a fair shot for all, Obama said, is "the defining issue of our time."

Ratliffe key to Missouri men's basketball team's unique offense

"We don't have success if we don't have Ricardo's play," Tigers coach Frank Haith said.

Curators' confirmations in doubt as vote on tuition hike approaches

The Gubernatorial Appointments Committee will hold votes as early as Wednesday to decide whether to advance the confirmations of Craig Van Matre and Pamela Henrickson to the full Senate.

UPDATE: Infected wild Missouri deer prompt protocol to contain chronic wasting disease

The deer infected with Missouri's first cases of chronic wasting disease in the wild were killed less than a mile apart in Macon County during the 2011 firearms season.

City manager wants to see second destination for flights from Columbia airport

Chicago, Dallas and Denver are potential destinations for the additional flights. Currently, commercial planes at Columbia Regional Airport only fly to Memphis.

Ways to watch the State of the Union online

Looking for ways to watch the State of the Union address beyond the traditional television broadcast? Here are some links to get you started.