1,000 mistakenly accused of red-light violations in Arnold

A communication error between red-light camera company and Missouri's municipal court system resulted in about 1,000 people being incorrectly accused of unpaid violations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: If people paid the taxes they owe, the deficit crisis would vanish

According to an IRS estimate, Americans owed $450 million more in income taxes than they actually paid in tax year 2006. That could add up to $4.5 trillion over 10 years — more than what is required to bring federal deficits under control.

Missouri House mulls constitutional spending limit

The extra revenues obtained from the proposed amendment could increase the state's reserves or allow for a tax cut.

Baylor men's basketball feeds off success of school's other sports programs

The Baylor men's basketball team, which hosts No. 5 Missouri on Saturday, is 17-1 and ranked No. 3 in this week's rankings.

UM System, MU respond to Gov. Nixon's proposed higher education cuts

Faculty, staff and students have raised questions about quality of education and the potential for increases in tuition.

Missouri public university funding falls 13.6 percent since 2002

A new National Science Board report shows state funds spent per student dropped from $10,200 in 2002 to $8,812 in 2010 after adjusting for inflation.

Online piracy, intellectual property acts losing support in Columbia

Sen. Roy Blunt withdrew his support for the Protect Intellectual Property Act because it has "substantive issues" that he says need to be resolved before it goes any further in Congress.

ANALYSIS: No Wikipedia? What if the Internet went down?

Legislation that could threaten Internet freedom prompted Wikipedia to blackout Wednesday in protest causing many experts and citizens to question what would happen if there are Internet blackouts on a larger scale.

Internet anti-piracy bills raise questions about free speech

The bills are designed to protect artists from copyright and keep online customers from getting swindled, but critics say the bills would infringe on First Amendment rights and discourage innovation.

Missouri softball voted No. 1 in Big 12 preseason poll

The Tigers are the favorite to win the Big 12 in a coaches preseason poll.

Community members vote to work together in Douglass Park

Discussions at Douglass High School led to the reopening of park's locked parking lot.

UPDATE: Lawmakers might resist governor's proposed cuts to higher education

Columbia Sen. Kurt Schaefer says he does not intend to follow Gov. Jay Nixon's recommended cuts to higher education funding.


Lawmakers might resist governor's proposed cuts to higher education

Columbia lawmaker Kurt Schaefer says he does not intend to follow Gov. Jay Nixon's recommended cuts to state support for higher education.

DAVID ROSMAN: Leadership qualities, not faith, should govern presidential election

The faith of particular candidates is a topic that comes up in nearly every election.  However, a candidate's faith should not determine whether or not that person is qualified for political office. 

Columbia mother Tara Bailey balances family and bipolar disorder

Tara Bailey has battled bipolar disorder for most of her life, but the mother says she would rather provide for her son than treat her condition with costly medication.


Missouri women's basketball loses fifth Big 12 game

The Missouri women's basketball team led for a while in the first half but faded fast in a 78-52 loss to No. 14 Texas A&M on Wednesday in College Station, Texas. 

PHOTO GALLERY: Winter weather offers a variety of views

Columbia residents dressed warmly Wednesday as they went about their day in the chilly temperatures.

Missouri Plant Science Center creates healthier soy powder

The Missouri Plant Science Center announced the creation of its healthier soy powder Tuesday. The new powder contains higher levels of lunasin, a soy peptide that has been shown to help lower cholesterol.

Man arrested on suspicion of burglary at Boone County Fairgrounds Coliseum

Steven E. Babcock Jr. was discovered by an off-duty deputy inside the Coliseum with a pair of metal shears early Wednesday morning.

Websites protest SOPA, PIPA with blackouts

The Internet is abuzz with news about several popular websites' blackouts in protest of two antipiracy bills.