More fiscal clashes loom as new Congress opens

House Speaker John Boehner implored the assembly of newcomers and veterans in the 113th Congress to tackle the nation's heavy burden of debt at long last.

School starts at new building for Sandy Hook kids

Returning students, teachers and administrators were met by a large police presence outside their new school in the neighboring town of Monroe.

Crews break ground on I-64 replacement bridge

The new Daniel Boone Bridge near Chesterfield is expected to be completed in late 2015, but officials say it will be open for traffic by the end of next year.

Zoo count begins: No creature too small to count

The same scene was being repeated at zoos throughout Britain on Thursday — the census is nationwide. No stone is left unturned, lest there be a beetle below.

Missouri town weighs age requirement for entering bars

A city ordinance now sets the minimum age for entering bars at 19, even though the drinking age is 21.

Joplin Airport will use larger jets

The airport announced Wednesday the U.S. Department of Transportation renewed a contract for Essential Air Service with American Eagle.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Popping a Wile E. Coyote parachute at the fiscal cliff

Americans deserve better than this bill. They deserve a serious attempt to address long-term debt and spending issues and budget reform. They deserve a serious debate over fair taxation and income inequality.

Releases into the Missouri River will be decreased

Officials said last month that the water flow needed to be increased because ice forming on the river would reduce the flow. Now the weather has improved enough to alleviate the ice concerns.

Prostitution case dropped against Missouri principal

Police alleged Pat Martin agreed to pay a woman he met at a hotel for sex acts. The woman was a Kansas City police detective.