Missouri panel to consider bill for filling vacancies

Under current law, midterm vacancies for attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, auditor and the U.S. Senate can be filled by gubernatorial appointment. But opinions differ on how to fill a vacancy in the lieutenant governor's office.


Levee repairs progressing at Birds Point

Two of the three crevasses have been restored to the levee's original height after an intentional breach nearly two years ago.

FROM READERS: Teaching children their constitutional rights and responsibilities

Beth Winton, who teaches gifted students at Jefferson Junior High School, writes about  Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel speaking to her class and how she keeps her students informed on complex current events.

Tolton boys basketball loses at tournament

The Tolton boys basketball team lost 69-50 to South Shelby on Tuesday at the Macon Tournament to fall to 5-7 this season.

Increase in court cases could impact NCAA image

The NCAA is facing more than a half-dozen lawsuits in what could signal a new era of legal complications for the largest governing body in collegiate sports.

Obama proposing gun limits, faces tough obstacles

President Barack Obama is expected to announce more than a dozen steps he can take on his own through executive action, but they will be limited in scope.

Missouri creamery pulls cheese from store shelves

The possible E. coli contamination was detected in preliminary tests conducted on Flory's Favorite cheese.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Can the Republican Party adjust to demographic shift?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 updated projection, in 2043 non-Hispanic white Americans will cease to be a majority. The change is in process already, and it influenced recent presidential voting to such an extent that a few commentators had to address it.

Koster seeks reinstatement of flag-desecration law

U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson issued a permanent injunction in March prohibiting the state, its political subdivisions and officials from "enforcing or threatening to enforce" the law.

Missouri lawmaker wants tax on violent video games

The tax would be charged on video games rated teen, mature and adult-only by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

8 vehicles in I-270 wreck in St. Louis County

The apparent chain-reaction wreck happened about 8 a.m. Tuesday on Interstate 270 near the Olive Boulevard exit in Creve Coeur.

UMKC, Bar to offer continuing legal education

The two are working together to teach attorneys the latest in topics such as ethics.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pay the bills, control spending

Congress under both Democratic and Republican leadership has decided to fund a large number of federal programs. The bills have to be paid, and, as President Barack Obama put it, America is not a deadbeat nation.