Taj Mahal restaurant moving into retail space at parking garage

The move is only across the street, and that is what appeals to owner Susheel Gill the most. With an established downtown business, he believes the transition will be convenient for customers.

Jill Johnson found pleasure in family, volunteering

Jill Johnson died Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013. She was 37.

MU to aid rural food pantries with $500K grant

Project coordinator Bill McKelvey says he hopes to encourage more people to start or expand gardens to grow their own food.

Missouri Senate approves nominees for top government spots

All of the appointments were made by Gov. Jay Nixon and approved unanimously by the Senate on Thursday.

THE GREAT RESET: Inventors' rewards: angry mobs, exile

Our daily lives have been greatly improved by the ideas of inventors. These men and women were not necessarily greeted with appreciation in their own times, though.

THE GREAT RESET: Luddites: They raged against the machine and lost

Luddites have historically been associated with being behind the times and quick to alarm. For once, though, the Luddites may have been right.

Secretary of State to take public comments on initiatives

Kander said Friday that initiatives submitted to his office will be posted online, and the public will have a five-day comment period before his office drafts a summary for the measures.

Missouri House speaker to give GOP response to Nixon

The GOP response by Tim Jones will be prerecorded and broadcast about five minutes after Nixon completes his speech.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: U.S. should closely watch censorship protests in China

How new chief party leader Xi Jinping handles the media-censorship issue will reveal much about how he intends to proceed in the future.

Central Missouri woman gets 5 years in infant's death

Murder charges weren't filed because the exact cause of the boy's death couldn't be determined.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ameren has tough sell in seeking new electric rate surcharge

Sometime in coming days or weeks, Ameren is expected to ask for a new surcharge, which charges consumers for ongoing costs of replacing old infrastructure.

Doris Wiggins loved to dance

Doris Thomas Wiggins grew up on a farm south of Columbia and worked for the University for 44 years.

Monsanto settlement with West Virginia residents approved

A $93 million settlement was reached last February with residents who said Monsanto polluted their community by burning waste from production of the defoliant Agent Orange.


Sign waver works in the cold

Criss Clark worked in chilly weather Thursday. It will be somewhat warmer Friday, with a forecast high of 45.